World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
Wargaming West
Release Date: 12th February 2014

The World Of Tanks is akin to the world of Disney’s Cars. The world is populated by different tank makes, who like to wake up, grab a coffee, then trundle along to work. Thus the title, World Of Tanks.

Sorry, I lied. The World Of Tanks don’t like to drink and go to work. They like to blow each other up. I mean, what else would you do in an online free to play game? Brutality is everything and everyone with an Xbox Live Gold account can jump on into this wonderful world of machines and shells.

The game is a team based third person shooter, with tanks instead of humans. It features the same weapon classes used with most first person shooters, the recon, the all rounder, the heavy, the destroyer and the sniper, but when these abilities are constructed into a tank model, the differences are apparent. Everything trundles along at a snails pace for one. It’s to be expected with tanks, and a one kill and you’re out system means each battle has to be carefully coordinated. Recons shoot off at the start to spot the enemy, the mediums and heavy’s roll into together to cause some carnage, while Tank Destroyers and Artillery must find a spot to hide or snipe. Without team work things go south fast, but unless you’re in a tight knit community, teamwork is something of a rarity. The core of the game begins to crumble.

world of tanks

A new player entering the World Of Tanks will find confusion over cohesion; players in it for themselves with high level tanks and equipment obtained through heavy grinding ,or from spending some real money to get there faster. It isn’t much fun being torn apart buy the higher ranked vehicles, especially when you’re team isn’t looking out for you. And while a temptation may swim around the mind to throw a bit of money at the game to get on a level playing ground, the flat landscapes sucked dry of atmosphere will drown those thoughts. Why bother investing when the game looks so uninviting and plays with expenditure in mind? Fun can be found messing around with top down Artillery fire mode, but otherwise the effort is rarely worth the reward. Bringing a group of student buddies together might provide a spark to the proceedings, but the instant gratification found in the other free to play shooter, Warface, will offer a more entertaining evening of free to play murder.

One for those who really, really, really love tanks.


World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
5Overall Score