Use Napster’s huge collection of music to stream or download some fresh tunes

The days of queuing up at the local record store to get your hands on new releases is a thing of the past. Getting  hold of new music is a vastly different experience to ten years ago.

Now, the digital age has long taken over. Cloud-based music streaming services are becoming more and more prominent, and Napster’s very much a part of that movement. Offering unlimited access to a collection of millions of songs in return for a monthly subscription, Napster houses this service in an excellent app – as well as a desktop version.

Napster’s intuitive app lets you search, download, stream and listen to any track from its catalogue. New music is added every week to bolster an already formidable collection, Users can stream their music wherever they are in the world, as long as they have a data connection, but also listen to their favourite tunes when they’re offline by downloading songs to their device. It all comes to fruition through a fully-featured app that’s incredibly easy to master.

In this tutorial we’re going to focus on getting hold of new music. You’ve got your subscription from Napster (it’s free for a month – so there are no excuses) and now you want to make the most of it, it won’t be long before your CD collection becomes obsolete.


Step by Step Guide: How to Discover Awesome music With Napster App

Don’t get caught napping


You need to have a Napster account to log in through the app; you can’t sign up directly through the app. Do it online, it only takes a moment and take advantage of the free month offer!


Once you’ve got familiar with the app, hit the New This Week tab in the Home menu. This gives you a rundown of the most popular new releases and a Staff Picks selection.


Hit the release you want to listen to. You’ll get a blurb about the artist and a host of playing options, including one to shuffle through tracks. Stream an individual track by tapping on its title.


By hitting ‘Download’, you will save the album to your phone’s storage for offline listening. In future, all your albums/tracks will be found in the download tab in the bottom-right.


If you tap the cog icon you will be presented with these options. Make use of them of as you wish. The Add to Playlist feature is perfect for building a party soundtrack.


Sometimes you’ll want to search for a specific song, album or artist. Hit the Search icon on the home screen and take full advantage of Napster’s massive back catalogue.