This is just a sneak preview for all the die-hard fans of GoT out there (like me, I am the craziest GoT fan that I could be). Season 3 premieres on March 31st, so we will have to wait a bit yet (although it is closer than when it ended last June!). Here you have a few things to keep you entertained this next two months:


If you want to see the pictures, follow the next link to see the new 23 character photos of season 3 (aka A Storm of Swords Part 1)

Season 3 Character Photos


If you want to see pictures in movement, this is the teaser trailer. It is the most amazing trailer I have ever seen that does not feature anything at all from the actual thing they are advertising:

(By the way, the song is The Rains of Castamere, included in the soundtrack of season 2 and featured during the ending credits of “Blackwater”).


And if you want to “become” a member of the Night’s Watch, you can now swear the oath and join other crows!


Valar Morghulis!