Crisp leaves, bitter mornings, tangerine sunsets, curling up with friends and family, sparklers, bonfires, Christmas parties and holiday spirit. There is something nostalgic about this time of year and as we resume our winter rituals, incorporate the following into your time to bring the closing year to a good end.

Forget spring cleaning, as the trees shed their leaves to make means for the new, I like to rid myself of the clutter in my room; clear my desk, organise paperwork and rediscover scarf’s and hats. This then makes room for fairy lights and my large knitted throw.

A tradition of mine is to supplement my jumper collection with the turn of autumn. I like to invest in new apparel, which I associate with memories of that season. I tend to gravitate towards sweaters which only just pass for the oversized look and not the ‘I shop in the men’s XXXL department’. They also mainly consist of grey and wine shades.

A fond memory of mine is sitting around a fire singing as my two friends played acoustically and roasting marshmallows with a blonde stranger, whilst laughing at everything that wasn’t really THAT funny. However it is hard not to laugh when your friend puts their face over a chimenea and singes off their eyebrows. When the temperature starts to drop I can’t think of a better way to spend the night than to assemble a bonfire and do exactly this. If marshmallows don’t cut it, smores take things to a whole new level.

Make a trip to winter wonderland, where you can immerse yourself in the nomadic alpine village after taking to the ice and triumphantly falling on your face. Bierkeller Bar offers heart warming Gluhwein or refreshing beverages inspired by German culture. Authentic log cabins serve the perfect medley of delicious treats including sausage cooked on a traditional swing grill and freshly made crepes. It is recommended that these purchases are made after you have been on the chair swing, strictly not before. Adding to the festive air at winter wonderland is live music and prize giveaways.

Alternatively if you’re tight on money, make your own savoury grub. If anything winter serves as nothing better than an excuse to tuck into comfort food. On my cooking list is roast goose with forcemeat and spiced cranberry and apple stuffing, sweet potato and chipotle mash, pull apart bread, French toast sticks and pumpkin risotto. To accompany, why not try your hand at creating spiked maple apple cider or spiced chai tea.

Spending the holidays at my nan and granddads whilst growing up, over the years apple picking became our Autumn tradition. It all started one year when my cousins and I set out to pick every apple on the tree that stands at the end of their great garden. We filled the entirety of a renovated royal blue boat, however the adults did not appreciate our accomplishment as we did, being more concerned that there was now a garden, full of impending apple rotting. The blue boat was one that was once used for paddling in but since had acquired wheels credit to my granddad, to carry passengers when attached to the back of a bike. That alone would amuse us for hours. Raking leaves to initially be helpful would also escalate to jumping into them and having leaf fights.

This winter I look forward to wrapping up warm and walking along the beach because I’m lucky to live in close proximity to the coast and returning home to snuggle up and watch films. If you have time to kill,  online I found this sweet DIY fox cushion –