You are sat at your computer, it’s 3am and you’ve been staring at a blank screen for the past five hours, switching between Facebook and shopping sites.

Writers block strikes at the worst times and it strikes hard. It can take weeks, if not months, to find steady ground again. It’s frustrating, stressful and it can really set you back.

We don’t want that!

So here are some top tips any writer should learn to help get themselves out of the horrible mess that is writer’s block!

No.1: Never stop writing!

The number one mistake we make when we get stuck is stopping. But don’t, even if you can’t think up the next best seller!

Write down your thoughts, what you did in your day. Describe something mundane in an interesting way. Even if you feel what you’ve written is rubbish, just write it! You want to become unstuck. Writing out all the thoughts in your mind really help open it up for fresh inspiration.

No.2: Try to get a change of scenery:

Staying in one place too long can become a strain on your mind. Instead, try to spend a day away, out in the air. Sitting in nature, doing something as simple as sitting in your garden with a notebook, or even my personal favourite, going for a train ride!

The change of environment will give your mind a chance to breathe and clear itself of that horrid writer’s block!

No.3: Take a break from what you’re stuck on:

When you stress and try to force yourself to write, your mind is going to shut down on you! Put it to one side for the day and spend it doing something you love. Shopping, sports, even going for a walk! Give yourself a break and some back to it the next day. Chances are all your mind really needed was a little bit of space to breathe.

(Bonus tip: Talk your ideas out with a close friend. They will be honest with you and they may even give you the inspiration and motivation to keep going!)

Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact is writer’s block happens to everyone. We all get stuck and we all stress about it! But eventually we all also get unstuck. Best of luck with of your writing endeavours! We know you will be dishing out beautifully crafted pieces soon!