Those sweet eyes glaring back as the sun dips low in the sky. The rose of her cheeks as her cheekbones rise to give the facial structure of which I have gazed days upon. To see her in the mirror and not to see her beauty. It has faded and withered; not with age but rather with her actions. She cannot contain herself any longer. Those puffy eyes render the sleepless nights and her hands are tied. She can do no more.

Head in a mess she lies exposed. Her story out for the world to see. Naked. Not even her luscious locks will hide her now. They have become straw-like in her attempt to amend ways. Every ounce of energy and motivation washed out of her. She may as well be deceased as life is nothing for her now.

Concentration fades. That warm glow in her eyes has disappeared and there stands a hollow reflection. Scars in her mind will remain. She has engraved a permanent name in her heart. One that has been lost and taken now. The cracks starting to show as she tries to struggle through telling herself it will all be okay.

Just carrying on is the hardest part for her now. She cannot find the words as she was able to before. She cannot explain; tongue tied and belittled. Right from wrong is what she knows not. If only she could reverse time. Tell herself then what she knows now. Extract the inner-child and scream at her to grow up; mature in some way.

Lost too long. Gone too far. She realises now too late of her mistakes. No way to make it up now. She may gaze upon her hollow self a little longer. Determine her fate because the future seems of little worth. She shall live on because her body does; her soul has gone.