Admittedly I had hoped to post about life after Uni more often than once a month, but that is one of the great things about the Graduate Experience -you start off wondering what you will do once Uni ends, only to be bombarded with tasks to occupy your time. Today in particular is an especially exciting day, it’s officially three months before I arrive in London and I can now apply for my visa. My degree in “unofficial form-filling” is finally being put to good use. So what have I been doing? Well six days a week at my full time job with the odd 12 hour shift thrown in; on top of the a few dates with my casual job is definitely taking its toll! As of yet the financial rewards are still pending as my now generous pay is consumed with rent, credit cards and ‘unexpected’ purchases. Then there’s internet fees, phone bills and gym membership, ultimately I’m not much better off in terms of cash flow.


One thing I am pleased to report is that I am finally addressing that nasty pizza belly and have managed to shift 6kgs of study weight by going to the gym. In addition to that, being so close to leaving home, I have a new found appreciation for the recreational activities available in Auckland. I have plans to dine up the sky tower, take an early morning stroll with the cheetahs at Auckland Zoo and spend a week in sunny Paihia as a graduation gift to myself. There is much to be done. Also next month is graduation and the Auckland City Council closes off the main street so we can all march down the road, decked out in our regalia and impractical heels and show off our home-loan deposit sized qualifications. The regalia itself are a separate cost which I find hard to believe. Many recent graduates must struggle to afford it, especially if they are looking for work. $30’000-$40’000 later you’d think the powers that be could’ve worked in the extra $150 for regalia. But what would I know; I’m just another debt riddled student who is lucky enough to be employed.


Ah well, a few more 12 hour shifts and I may be able to afford a bungy before I go, wouldn’t that be a send-off! In the meantime, please enjoy a picture of me jumping off the Sky Tower, back at a time where in spite of exam pressures, the harness still seemed like a good idea.

Till next time