Yes Summer has came and gone and now we moved swiftly into autumn or we could call it TV Season instead. September is the month where we get all the latest and greatest TV from your comedies to the dramas but there’s so much to watch, so much to see and to be honest none of us quite have the time to catch everything which appears on the box. So here’s a list of some of the must watch shows which kick off this month.


Comic books are all the rage these days from films to TV and even though it is a difficult thing to pull of for a TV show it is getting more popular. And thus we enter the world of Gotham, led by Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) rather than Batman himself as this series takes an incredible twist and focuses on the time before Batman. The idea for Gotham has gone around for many years now in TV land but finally someone has managed to fit it all together. Now the series focuses on lead detective Gordon and the first episode revolves somewhat around the Wayne family murders even incorporating young Bruce himself but the show oozes the dark gritty world of the city featuring numerous villains like the Penguin, Fish Mooney and Falcone. It’ll be interesting to see where the show will go but it’s definitely one to watch.


The much beloved How I Met Your Mother bowed out after nine years earlier this year but could this new show A-Z be what we need to fill the void? Perhaps and hopefully it is. Now the show already stars Cristin Milioti (the mother from HIMYM) and Ben Feldman as two people seeking love and find each other through online dating and start a relationship. Now the show is meant to have a (500) Days of Summer vibe as it chronicles the couples relationship in a comedic/sitcom styled way. Interesting idea so maybe it’ll work!


We’ve had Superman grace our screens with Smallville and a few years ago the Green Arrow made a screen debut with Arrow but now it’s time to shine the light on another Justice League member with the Flash in his own show of course. Yes here we finally have Flash after Barry Allen made a brief 2 episode appearance in Arrow earlier this year and was later meant to have a back door pilot, Cos decided to scrap that and give the guy a full pilot as the character was received so well and that was before he was the faster man in the world. Ive seen the Flash pilot and it won’t disappoint. Be prepared for some more superhero outings with more of a powers element to it rather than Arrows very grounded style. Also be prepared for some Flash/Green Arrow team up episodes which I’m sure we’re all looking forward to!


Forget the Keanu Reeves movie of the same name, now NBC are delving into the comic book world with Constantine starring Matt Ryan as John Constantine himself as he battles the demonic powers of hell. What could possibly be a very good series, we’ll just have to sit back and see where NBC might take the show.


Did you see ITV’s much loved Broadchurch last year? Well look no further because America has whipped this up and slapped a new title on the front. What was a decent ITV series has had an American make over but from the trailer of the show it actually looked and even felt exactly the same. I mean, heck, it even stars David Tennant as lead detective, this time with an American accent. Hopefully America have somehow put a spin on things and change the formula up a little.


So there we have it, some of what I think are the shows to watch out for in the coming months. Be sure to check them out and lets see what makes it through for a second season.

Some shows for a quick mention which return this Autumn which should be given a look into are:


The return of Stephen Amell’s take on the comic book hero returns for what could be the best season yet. Expect more action and blockbuster stunts as if you’re watching a Hollywood movie. Arrow is one to definitely catch up on and not miss out for season 3.

Sons of Anarchy

The sons have had a patchy few years. The show, in my opinion, has declined but hey it’s the final ever season so it will still be worth a watch. How will Jax cope with how his life has changed at the end of season 6? We’ll find out very soon so check out the sons as they all hop on their bikes for one last ride.

The Walking Dead

Erm, wow did we just drop off from The Walking Dead on one of the best cliff hangers ever! So they made it to Terminus after a relentless season of the undead but the lovely location they thought would bring them joy hasn’t quite turned out the way it seems. With an addition of a whole host of new characters, what will go on in season 5 of The Walking Dead.