On The  Show
Why did you apply for the show?
I actually got a facebook message from TalkbackTV when I was out one night. My mates dared me to go in for an audition! I thought it was a scam or something, but it all checked out fine so and decided to go along.
I never even anticipated getting a call back to be honest!

What did you expect from the show when you got told you were going to be on Take Me Out?
I expected to do a few days of filming and fly out to a sun drenched island but It was a lot more intense than i imagined.

When you first came down the lift, who caught your eye the most?
To be honest, I don’t remember I think I was on autopilot and just trying to get through the show without falling off the stage. Also the girls all look stunning from where you stand so its not until you get up close where you think, hang on….

Why did you leave Lizzie and Danielle as the final 2?
I think at that point its purely down to raw physical attraction.

What made you choose Danielle over the other girls?
When Danielle answered her question, she seemed really bubbly and thought we could have a laugh on the date. The mutual love of snowboarding helped.

The burning question is, have you seen Danielle since the island of Fernando?
We got on really well but you’ll have to wait till saturday!

What was it like going through the whole Take Me Out experience?
For anyone not used to being on stage, it’s a daunting experience but, i’ll tell you, thought of blacking out keeps you in the game.

Do you get a lot more attention now you’ve been on TV?
Definitely gained a few more twitter followers!

Has Take Me Out changed your life in any respect?

On Dating
What is your best chat up line?
This is the only one I remember
….How much does a polar bear weigh? Well its enough to break the ice
but its usually met with ‘oh you twat’

How would you describe your ideal girl in three words?
Rosie Huntington-Whitely

What would be your perfect date?
My perfect date would be a sunset surf, with fish and chips on the beach.

Since the show, have you found love (with or without Danielle)?
Nope, still single (coughs..ladies)

On Charlie
Why are you so obsessed with morph suits?
Who isn’t…No, I’ve never actually worn one before the show! As I wasn’t doing a ‘skill’ I needed something embarrassing for my VT. So I was talked into wearing my housemate’s dirty morph suit. Turned out ok though as Gregor Lawson, CEO of Morph suits, got in touch and hopefully will be sending some in the post for services to morph.

How long have you been an artist?
Well I’ve painted full time since 2009, had my first solo show in 2010.

What advice would you give to other budding artists wanting to get seen?
It is daunting but I recommend turning up to galleries with your work. Be prepared to take a knock or two, also enter competitions and keep practicing.

Where can we see your work!?
I have a solo show with Whitewall galleries in James St London from March 15th. Or see my work online atwww.charlesrowbotham.co.uk