We always have a few TV shows where we just have to say ‘it should have ended sooner.’ Yeah there’s always that one show which ran a few seasons too long and should have bowed out when it hit it’s peak. Well let me run through a few which I think should have ended a little sooner than they planned.


Now Dexter a one I always mention when I’m discussing a topic like this with someone because, well, Dexter for me is one of the worst culprits. It had a brilliant season 1-4 and I really mean brilliant. There wasn’t a moment where I wanted to turn the Channel over as I was literally glued to watching it but after season 4 it sort of dropped. Season 5 had a rough start with the dramatic ending to the 4th season (don’t worry no spoilers here) and it sort of handled the situation badly. The show never really found its unique footing again after that and it became your usual run of the mill show. Let’s not get me started on the final episode or even the final season as none of it really felt like a proper send off. Instead I felt like I’d said farewell to Dexter and his dark passenger many years ago and what was left was what the body parts he dumps in the sea after a kill.


House isn’t the typical show I usual watch. I like my TV to have an overall plot about it with each episode meaning something and adding to the season overall but House was one of these shows which had a bunch of one off episodes so you miss one and it’s alright you’ll not get lost. With all that said I was just attached to the character itself. Dr House and his team just had me going from episode to episode on their next unique hospital case. It had some low points but nothing to warrant me not wanting to watch anymore until after season 6. The ending to season 6 felt like it should have stopped and called it quits as it was so dramatic and powerful with the main character (played by the brilliant Hugh Laurie) having overcome his characters difficulties after six years. Rather hanging up his cane they decided to throw in two more seasons which just felt all over the place I mean few of the original characters even stuck around as they all slowly dropped out one by one. It’s a pity for one of the shows which I found to be my favourite.

Prison Break

Running for 4 seasons and having a final feature long episode was just too much for Prison Break. It’s difficult to hold an entire show on the premise of a prison break but that lasts for only one season. Season 2 allowed new territory as it was the characters on the run with season 3 not quite feeling right as it was again set in a prison with yet again another escape. But let’s just forget season 4 because this is where the show really went overboard with a break in. It wasn’t just that but there complicated plot which tried so hard to tie everything together when really all we were ever interested in was the original season and setting in a prison and how Michael Schoffield was going to break out. This was what got audiences reeling for more then the expanded season 2 being on the run with the lead still having everything planned out became even more interesting but it dwindled after that. Even enjoying the characters became somewhat difficult as I started to grow board of liking someone one week to hating them the following week. Yes Prison Break should have altered the 3rd season and scrapped the 4th all together then this would have been a show to remember.

The West Wing

Running for seven seasons The West Wing grew tiresome mid way once Aaron Sorbie (show creator) was fired. He left the show on tricky circumstances for the plot but this was swept under the oval office rug in the first episode of the following season. A show which was so interesting to watch just lost its way but I will admit it gained some of that back in its final season.


Oh Lost. You touched so many but failed just about everyone. There are few who enjoyed the final episode of Lost, myself being somewhere in the middle of enjoying yet not feeling I got enough of a closure from it, but the final episode isn’t the only issue. No. The show grew tiresome, complicated and made things irrelevant as it got to its mid way point. The show got bogged down in its own mysteries that it seemed even the writers got lost through planning it. As seasons go it had a very strong 1-3 always wanting to know what was going on offering little hints and letting you draw up your own ideas but this can only run for so long until you want answers which you never really got. 4-6 just went all over the place as the show threw in time travel and alternate universes which still all don’t quite make much sense. It’s a pity for one of the strongest shows of the early 2000’s that it fell short as it lost (sorry for that) what it was about. Yes it was mysterious but it also had this plot about characters and how these different people work together or don’t but this ended up missing later on.

Sons of Anarchy

The only show on the list to still be on air (finishing in its next season) but Sons of Anarchy is a tricky one. Although still ‘ok’ it isn’t the brilliant shown it once was. Seasons 1-3 had some brilliant stories and an overall arc which ended in the fourth tying it all up quite nicely but from then on the show has sort of diminished throughout the years. I’m still trying to out my finger on it but every season I just dislike the show that little bit more. It isn’t as enjoyable as it once was and it’s become too plot heavy with complicated stories in predictable circumstances. I still watch every year and the past season (season 6) has had some strong points but these don’t cover up its weaknesses of the show just not willing to hop on its bike and ride off into the sunset.


Community has to have a quick mention as it has been one of my top comedies of possibly all time. It’s had a very difficult run as it battled every year to stay on air with NBC but finally the plug had been pulled after season 5. Personally I think it should have ended at its highest point after season 3. Dan Harmon (show creator) got the boot from the network and the show never quite lived up to what it was after that even after Harmon returned for season 5.