It may feel as though you don’t get a spare second to yourself as a student, but when you have finished your lectures for the week, and all of your shifts at work are done as well, you may find yourself at a loose end with not a lot of direction. Many of us already have pastimes or hobbies that we enjoy to fill this extra space, but some of us have yet to explore the options available, or may not realise that we can fit in other productive, and quite often relaxing, activities. So here are a few ideas you can try your hand at, and maybe start something new in your spare time.

Learn How To Play The Guitar

As small children many of us dream of being able to play an instrument like our favourite musicians, and in school, we have a range of options available to us but don’t always take them. However it’s never too late to learn how to play guitar, and playing the guitar is a very worthwhile, and healthy activity. Studies have shown that not only is playing the guitar good for your mind, it is incredibly relaxing as well. There are numerous helpful resources out there to help you learn how to play the guitar, such as Student of Guitar which has extensive articles for students of all levels..



Although you may feel as though you write plenty during your studies, sometimes it can be beneficial to start writing just for yourself. This could be simply a diary to get things off your chest or even a fiction piece that you’ve always wanted to try and write, but either way putting pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, can be cathartic and creative for you. Ultimately it’s up to you whether you share this writing work with anybody else, but it is without a doubt a great outlet, and can even bring more opportunities your way if you practice and share with the right people. Blogging is also a great way to share your experiences, and even possibly find a community of people who are like-minded to share with.


Try A New Sport

Many of us have tried a new sport in our past, and it may even be something that you partake in regularly already, but even if you are a seasoned football player, or a regular golfer, trying out a new sport can always bring a different way of thinking, new skills, and maybe even a new favourite into your life. Maybe the University that you have joined has a team that you could join, and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Whatever you do when it comes to using your spare time, it’s always best to do so with an open mind, and you will find it is much more enjoyable that way. We are always encouraged to try new things in school and college, but sometimes university can become all-encompassing so we forget to take time for our hobbies and relaxation.