This is my first blog for Social Student, and I thought I’d try and review some games and films to help people save money and buy top quality products for cheap prices. To do this I’m going look at films and games that are in some way similar, and this week’s link is living in a post apocalyptic world.

The end of the world has always been interesting for me, as there are so many possibilities that a could occur throughout the story, and in recent memory there have been three great examples of existence after the end of the world; The Road, The Book of Eli and Fallout.

The Road takes a poignant and harsh view of life after an unknown catastrophe. The film’s main focus is on establishing the characters and relationship of a father and son who have survived, and it does it beautifully. When you watch you can fully understand why the characters do what they do, and you feel their pain and joy every step of the way. Without giving too much away about the story, you never actually find out what happened to bring the word to its knees, but you still fully invest and believe in the story and environment.

The Book of Eli is a far more action packed film than The Road that portrays a savage and brutal rebirth of society and how leaders attain power over the masses. There is a lot more combat, action and violence in The Book of Eli, so if you’re a person who prefers a night of spectacle as opposed to story-telling this is probably more up your street. On saying this, the film doesn’t ask you to suspend your disbelief too much, and you still believe in the characters and their mission just as much as The Road.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys doing something as opposed to watching something then Fallout New Vegas is arguably probably the best choice for you. The game is much lighter and quirkier in tone and focuses around you, a courier, sent to deliver a parcel to New Vegas, but allows you to explore the Mojave wasteland and encounter various settlements, factions and individuals. The basic game is huge, and with the multitude of decisions to make you can find yourself having multiple saves just to see the full extent of the world. With the new Ultimate Edition you are able to gain access to all DLC and the main story for around £25, without the need of an internet connection to install the bonus content.

Another modern game I’ve seen that’s set after the Armageddon is RAGE, which this seems to be £12 in most shops now.  I haven’t personally played this game yet but I’d love to hear from someone who has, so feel free to leave a comment to keep me up to date.


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