I love to travel. I mean who doesn’t really! You jump on a plane and in next to no time you can feel like you are in a completely different world or even in a completely different period of time. You get to experience different cultures, different types of food and environments and you get to see and do things you would never normally do or things you never even knew you existed. I love exploring in new territory.

Because of my love of adventure I have picked up a few handy travel tips to share with you along the way, to make sure you have a truly amazing and memorable time for all of the right reasons.

1. Check your passport – Before checking any fun filled adventure double check your passport. This might sound obvious to some but I have known so many people that had not checked their passport and have tried to go on vacations with less than six months left on their passport. Personally I don’t think it is fair that you can’t fly into some countries with six months or less on your passport I mean it is paid for up until the final expiry date however this is not a technicality you need before going away. The stress isn’t worth is and it is completely unnecessary so to save yourself this stress, check it and order a new one if needed before booking anything.

2. Get the best price – When booking flights or hotels, never pay the first price you see. There are always some great deals to be had if you are willing to spend the time and dig a bit deeper and do some self comparisons. When booking your trip you can either do it one of two ways to save yourself a bit extra. If you have your heart set on a particular place, I would suggest to book in advance to get a better price. If you wait too long the prices will either sky rocket or drop right down. You have to ask yourself is it worth really taking that risk, because they can reach a completely unaffordable price. I have had to face this bitter disappointment and either cough up or choose another place to travel to. The second option is if you don’t have anywhere in mind and you just want a cheap and cheerful break there are some great last minute deals to be had. After years of amateur searching the best deals I have found on flights have been Skyscanner and Kayak for long haul flights. The best combined deals and last minute deals I have found on Expedia and Last minute. I can’t particularly comment on many others but these pages I have booked on and I have never faced any issues on these web pages.

3. Always check the reviews – I have never booked a hotel without checking the reviews. I have to say I swear by Trip Advisor on checking the reviews for my chosen hotel before booking it. Now we all know with reviews there are always some good, some bad and some awful. Unfortunately no matter what trade or business your are in you can’t please everyone so bear this in mind when reading up on the reviews and have a bit of leniency. Even 5 star luxury resorts don’t always get 100% positive reviews. I have found that if the majority are good so anything above 85% positive makes for a good hotel depending of course on what the negative reviews highlight. They could be helpful though rather than just a complaint but so far this has served me well and I have only had positive experiences in the hotels after using this trusty website.

4. Read up on the rules – Once you have booked your desired destination your flights and your hotel, the excitement can take over and you could miss out some really important details that could make or break your perfect holiday. I think it is really important just to do a quick bit of research on the government laws and tourist information of the country you are visiting just to make sure you have everything you need in plenty of time before you go. You could need additional Visa’s, insurances, injections or shots etc. They could also highlight any potential danger areas or zones of limits which even you didn’t know you could innocently stumble into. The other most important factors they highlight could be things which are illegal which to me and you could be completely harmless in the UK but could put you in a whole lot of a trouble on arrival. It could be something as innocent as a medication but without a prescription you wouldn’t be allowed to have it in the country. That kind of mistake no one can afford, so for the sake of 10 minutes internet browsing it could save you a mountain of mess. My advice it could be completely worth it.

5. Insurance, Insurance, Insurance – I can’t even stress how understated this small print is. It should be large print and written in the sky in neon letters. I too have once upon neglected insurance on my travel and been lucky enough to get away with it. I thought the same “what is the worse that could happen?” until one day the worst did happen and I ended up needing stitches. Lucky for me because it was planned to be quite an active holiday I thought twice on the insurance and got it for the trip. Should I not have had this, the whole treatment would have cost anything between four and six thousand dollars for might I add six stitches. I never leave for a plane without it now. For the sake of a few pounds it could save you a fortune and get you the treatment you need. Being tight with this in the beginning could cost you big bucks and a bit more so best to take it out when you can. You can get some great deals on this too you will be pleased to hear.

6. Tell someone – So we have all seen way too many horror movies but some of these are based on actual events and true stories. Call me paranoid but I think it is just nice to know that someone you trust whether it be a friend or relative has a copy of your itinerary and knows where you are and where you are planning to be and a contact number just in case. I think when you are going back packing into the unknown it will also give you peace of mind knowing someone knows where you are and where you are going. If you are planning calls to relatives or friends during your trip make sure you stick to those calls so as not to cause worry but it is beneficial to yourself and to your chosen person or people to know you are being looked after and that they know you are safe and sound.

It sounds to me that you are more or less nearly ready for your travel. Of course not forgetting the must do holiday shop for all your must haves and necessities.  The good thing is that now you can do this completely stress free knowing everything else is taken care of. Marvellous! Assuming of course that you have also arranged that Visa. Don’t forget.

Safe and Happy Travels!