Finding your first student digs is obviously a top priority for any prospective student. The never ending list of accommodation to choose from can keep you feeling bogged down without a clue as to what to do. Now we can’t help you find the perfect Student Accommodation, but we can help kit you out for those emergencies, that we can only assume haven’t yet crossed your minds. You’re not at home anymore; Mommy isn’t going to do your washing, cook your favourite dinner or catch that spider in the corner of your bedroom whilst you cower under your duvet. So to help you with those first few baby steps to moving out and having your first taste of freedom and independence, we’ve suggested a list of the Top 8 “Student must-haves” for when you flee the comfy nest that you’re oh so used to.



8) Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow

If you’re housemates are continuously making a racket and sleep has become a long distant friend, then The Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow is the perfect bedtime companion to help you drift off. Plug in your favourite lectures and drift off to the land of nerd… Failing that, unplug the speakers and mosey on down to the party – you’re only 18 once, right?


7) Spider Catcher
It’s time to face the dilemma of fending for yourself. That’s right, your Dad will no longer be there to stand victorious over that eight-legged beast whilst brandishing a pint glass and a piece of paper! Invest in our student-must-have and face your fear once and for all with the extendable arm Spider Catcher. While you’re at it – get your Dad one too.


6) Baconnaise

‘Bacon– mayonnaise mixture’ you may ask? Avoid wasting your precious pennies on overpriced bacon, and get your paws on a jar of our wonderful Baconnaise! Suitable for Meat-eaters and Veggies alike, you can’t go wrong with a bit of bacon spread, right?


5) Remote Control Finder
Remote finder
Clothes strewn around all over your floor? Crisp packets littering your study desk and books thrown into the corner of your room? Yes, we’ve been students too. But with the constant clutter surrounding your feet, you may just find yourself rooting around for the remote control for hours, eventually succumbing to the fact you’ve missed the Jeremy Kyle special. Avoid such Hassle with our Remote Control Finder; simply attach the bleeper onto the remote and blow the whistle to activate. Simples.


4) Quirky- Click ‘N Cook
We all know you think that when you arrive at Uni, you’ll be super organised and cook substantially healthy meals every night. Avoiding the temptation of the stereotypical “Student Food” and learning to cook on a budget is an invaluable skill and will help you save oodles of pounds. With the Quirky Click ‘n Cook, you’ve got the perfect utensils to give you a head start to being crowned kitchen king. Don’t start spooning cold beans straight from the tin at 4 o’clock in the morning – it’s really not worth it.


3) Laundry Punch bag
laundry punch bag

Keep your clothes off the floor and keep you fit and stress-free. If you’re not going to stay on top of your washing, which – let’s face it – you probably won’t, at least put it to good use. With the Laundry Punch bag, you can squeeze in as many clothes as you possibly can, hang it in the corner and pummel away it to relieve your uni stress. Goodbye, gym memberships!


2) Hangover Kit

Need we say more? Falling in at 4am and crawling out of bed at 8 ready for your first lecture after Fresher’s week, you probably won’t be feeling too fresh. You’ve not unpacked properly yet and the essentials are nowhere to be seen. At this moment in time, the Hangover Kit becomes your best friend. With a toothbrush, toothpaste and mints to freshen that beer-breath, a cotton eye mask to soothe away the week-old eye bags, a glucose tablet to boost your blood sugars, a face wipe to remove the pen your mate drew on you whilst you were sleeping and a sachet of coffee to keep you awake; I’d probably stock up on these if I were you.


1) Haynes – Student Manual
Student book

This could quite possibly be the Number 1 gift that all students would benefit from. From finding ways to live on a budget, handling new friends and relationships and learning to cope with the ups and downs of your newly found freedom; this Student Manual really is a ‘Must-Have’. With hints and tips from both experts and current students, this book is priceless for any current or prospective student.


Would you add anything to the list?

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