Just a couple of days ago, just as a walked into the pub I work in, a customer looked at my clothes with mixed curiosity and disgust and asked: “You mate, you look like a student. You must be smart, aren`t you?”

As I passed by his beer fumes, I suddenly thought: well, I have paid attention to my school subjects, made extra effort to prepare myself for exams, passed competitive selection, I have achieved a bit more than of other bright young people of my age. I have chosen the path of knowledge, which requires dedication, determination, discipline, mental capacity, courage and resilience under pressure. This path takes me away from loved ones to unknown territory, new people, new challenges, friends and foes. Should I mention significant financial commitment?

I have dedicated myself to achieving high goal in life at very young age, made choices to make my education useful for my development. Studying, unlike doing nothing, takes great effort.

I study. I enjoy it, even if subjects are dull and difficult. I live my life’s best years making an effort to become somebody, to fulfill my dreams and may be even dreams of my parents. Even if a fail, I have been in the knowledge of things which affect life on a major scale. This knowledge have become part of myself, made me and will support me until my last days. When this time will be long behind me I will return to it in my memories with joy and laughter, even if it was hard for me.

I learn. I am a youth and future of this nation. Every time you take pride or curse this country, there is always someone like me doing his part in our achievements. So, am I smart? I looked at the guy on the other side of bar till, the same customer who comes to pub to kill time of his life, the same person who asks me whether I’m smart.

I smiled and said: I am.