Having always lived in an educational household, you can well imagine, education comes first.

My GCSEs were prepared for from Year 8 and A level timetables were pre-printed and colour charted before term had even begun.

Yet, with my own university journey about to begin, my search on how to achieve the apparent impossible First-class honours, first year, left me looking for a reliable source. More reliable than the likes of Ms Internet and many others who say it is impossible!

So, who did I know who had achieved: a 1st class in their first year, a 1st in their second and on their way to gaining an overall 1st class at the end of their third? My brother.

With the desire and determination to following in such footsteps, I found the answers I had been looking for!

With his brotherly guidance and ability to master the art of communication, I was informed of the 5 steps needed to help you, I and anybody else (who is willing), to achieve a First-class from the very start!

You heard it hear first guys: How to ‘really’ get a First-class honours at university.

Tip 1 – The library is your best friend

Sleep there, eat there and even drink there if you have to (but do not break library rules, unless you want to face the wrath of the librarian!).

Do whatever it takes to absorb the knowledge needed for your course. The library is truly your best friend as it is the only one which will actually stay up all night and help you with your essay until 4am.

Tip 2 – Research, Research, Research!

To get a first you can’t just read what is given to you by your lecturer (in some cases, what is not given to you).

You must read around your subject matter. At the end of the day, nobody will sit your exams for you so, you have to ensure you know what is going on in lesson!

Tip 3 – Stalk your tutor

Ok, ok. ‘Note to self and others’ – Under no circumstance must I or anyone else stalk our tutor home to find out a specific grade!

Do not stalk your tutor, especially how Google defines stalking – ‘Purse or approach stealthily’. Just be confident when dealing with your assigned tutor, show them you are at university to get a first and you will continue to do so throughout the year.

Top tip: Often those who get along with their tutors often receive help as they show a willingness to do well!

Tip 4 – Attend your lectures!

It isn’t any good if you are sleeping in while you are meant to be attending lectures! They are timetabled for a reason and anyone serious about university would know this.

Look at it this way, you miss one lecture and that £9000 you pay each year instantly begins to go down the drain.

Tip 5 – Ditch the social media

I know we live in a world of tweeting, Face Time and friend requests but, if you really want to get a first you have to cool it on the social media.

While you tweet about making a sandwich, one of your classmates is busy drafting their next assignment!