Fleeing the nest and heading to university is a long but rewarding process. Having made the decision which university to go to there is often the mix of excitement, a tinge of nerves and slight stress. Moving to a new city and making new friends and acquaintances can be daunting for some so it is important to be organized.

Speaking from personal experience, the time flies by so it is important to make the most of every opportunity both before you get there and whilst you’re there! Your first week at university will be one that you won’t forget (or remember) dependent on your alcohol intake. Therefore, making your new abode as homely as possible is important to feeling comfortable with the new surroundings.

It must be remembered that depending on travelling distance you may have to make multiple trips. Due to this, being economical with space in the car is fundamental to decreasing travel costs. Plan carefully what you can take on your travels and which items you can purchase when you have arrived in your new city or town.

Here is a quick guide to the essentials which are needed to immediately settle in to your digs:

Temporary storage – Investing in cardboard boxes, protective bags and office supplies is highly recommended. Not only will they hold your personal items whilst in transit and keep your essentials organised but they can also become victim to that last minute fancy dress costume.

Keep your important documents safe – Keep a specific folder for documents including bank details, student finance numbers, university confirmation, medical records and personal ID. These will be needed in your first week.

Making Your Room Like Home – Taking posters, photographs and some white tack will immediately brighten up and personalise your room. By adding some colour to your space you will immediately feel relaxed and at home. It is helpful to take some cleaning products to tidy up any unwanted dirt. Bedding is of course ideal for transit.

Food Supplies – Make sure to keep a box of food supplies that will last you a while. Tinned food is great to keep as back-up in your room.

Kitchen Utensils – From personal experience I would advise keeping two plates as this allows you to keep the dirty plates at bay. However, don’t take the full kitchen sink otherwise the cutlery will become hard to maintain. Keep it nice and simple!

Electrical Goods – Laptops and printers are an absolute necessity to any student whilst a toaster in a minor essential which I’m sure everybody will bring along. Portable speakers are the centre-piece to any party so expect to be woken up at some point.

Alcohol – Perhaps the most obvious essential to any student. Bringing any form of alcohol on your first day will go down well with the new flatmates.

Going to university is an amazing experience and one that you will remember forever. It’s important to make the most out of every opportunity and by kicking off your time there without any hiccups is really important to feeling comfortable within your new surroundings. Everybody is in the same boat so take an open mind and be prepared to have the most memorable years of your life.


Matthew is blogging for Social Student on behalf of Rajapack who are market leaders in distributing packaging supplies throughout Europe.