75 years… Whoa! That’s some amount of time. McDonald’s has existed and served its customers for 75 years now. Here is a very interesting compilation of McDonald’s trivia that you might not know about your favorite restaurant, even if you happen to be a loyal customer.

  1. The first ever McDonald’s restaurant was opened in the year 1940 and it was a barbeque joint in San Bernardino, California. Now it has been changed into a museum.
  2. The first drive through of McDonald’s was opened in the year 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The reason behind the drive through was the fact that the restaurant was located near to a military base and soldiers couldn’t leave their cars when in fatigues.
  3. The golden arches of McDonald’s are the most recognized sign across the globe. These golden arches are recognized more than the cross as well.
  4. Bermuda, Kazahstan, Montenegro and Macedonia have placed a ban on McDonald’s in their nations.
  5. According to a research a lot of travelers prefer to dine on McDonald’s food instead of airline food.
  6. McDonald’s in New Zealand has an actual retired aircraft as a part of their restaurant.
  7. The most selling item on the McDonald’s menu is its French fries.
  8. The French fries actually appeared on the restaurant’s menu nine years after its debut.
  9. Diners across the globe believe that the Coke that is served with a McDonald’s meal is better tasting than anywhere else in the world. At McDonald’s Coke is delivered in stainless steel tanks so that its freshness can be preserved whereas around the world in other places it is delivered in plastic bags.
  10. The Chicken McNuggets have the highest calorie count as compared to all other items on the McDonald’s menu.