Located in the bohemian paradise that is Stokes Croft, Bristol’s ‘Skipchen’ has recently opened to a hugely positive response from the local community.

The café sources its ingredients from skips belonging to supermarkets that throw away perfectly usable food away after they pass their sell-by date as well as from locally grown farmers and other food surpluses.

The café gets an ever-changing menu depending on what they can gather and has surprises in store every day from crab salad, roast pork, fresh cakes and seasonal soups and sandwiches during its 9am- 3:30pm working day.

The café was opened in response to the ridiculous amount of food waste thrown away by both supermarkets and shoppers alike. It also allows volunteers to help in the search for food for the café and in the general running of it.

The customers are as diverse as the food; it helps the struggling unemployed and the homeless population of Bristol with its pay-what-you-can approach, but is also home to customers who are looking to support a good cause and get some awesome tasting food in the process.

This is definitely a place you need to check out if you’re local to Bristol or if you ever visit!