Fajitas, the ultimate student staple!

There was a lovely parcel delivered to us the other day, the people at Discovery wanted us to do a quick review of their products. How could we say no?! We were more than happy to taste test what they sent us.

There is a certain satisfaction to be had as we started cooking, chopping up some peppers and onions to throw into the pan. We decided to go with pork as the meat to mix things up a little, this could be seen as a controversial choice, but as students and we have to use up what we have. We made sure there was a nice covering of the spice mix across all ingredients so that we could maximise that flavour in the final product. Some people have mixed feelings about what we did next; we mixed the salsa with the filling as it was cooking. In our experience some people disagree with this as blasphemy as the salsa needs to be on the side apparently. By this time our mouths were watering and could barely control ourselves, so it was obviously time to warm those wraps up and start making the fajitas.

We are pretty ashamed to say that we had to be shy on the jalapenos and the jalapeno relish as unfortunately we can’t hack it but we tried our best. The wraps were brilliant, everything really comes together and I don’t want to use a cliché but the flavours really explode in your mouth.

There’s a lot to be said about the discovery kit. It was very compact so it could easily fit in a bag or once it has been bought from the shop, which is great idea from them. It also means that they use less packaging for those who are environmentally conscious. They have a range of sauces available too, for example we knew that there was the traditional soured cream or guacamole, but didn’t know there is jalapeno relish. We are definitely going to look into what else there is to offer, as we had such a good experience with this one. We would recommend buying the Discovery kit. Which,  in our eyes, is much better than a certain kit with yellow packaging. We had a great night trying these out and we are planning another one soon. So next time you want some Mexican food, why don’t you give the Discovery kits a try?

Are Fajitas your favourite student food or is there something you find better? We want to hear your favourite student meal or even your student meal disasters! Let us know and see if anyone else has something worse.