This time last year I was finding myself with inflamed red marks on my face. Not only were they large they were painful. I have to say I have never suffered from Acne before and after a quick appointment to the doctors this is what they had concluded this to. Teenage type Acne. Slightly ridiculous as I haven’t been a teenager for some time but there was no other explanation. For the last year I have used more lotions and potions than in my whole teenage years in trying to eradicate or at least settle this random outburst. I thought it may have been to radically changing temperatures in the office or places of work and study. However during the holidays when I was in regulated areas there was no change. I have used everything from L’Oreal, Biore, Clinique, Simple, Freederm, to cheap and cheerful Boots and Superdrug ranges .In fits of desperation Organic Tea Tree ranges from Holland and Barratt and even more expensive ranges. If you could think of it I have tried it. I was even prescribed different lotions from the Doctors which had Zero effect. It just left me with greasy looking skin and still suffering from the ever tiring sore and swollen spots.  Safe to say the last year has been more or less make up free due to these awful pimples because to be honest it literally made them look worse. They would get irritated and come out with a vengeance that Stan himself would be proud of. I am not usually a vain person in the sense that I can’t leave the house without make up. I can and I do on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong I do like how I feel all made up but there just isn’t enough time in the day for it sometimes and I would much rather spend the extra half an hour in bed. Having said that, these ugly sore spots really have made me rather self conscious over the last year. I really do feel for anyone who has severe Acne. It really isn’t a picnic. Our skin faces many trials during our everyday life, whether it’s the dust that settles on our faces when we go out or us touching our faces with dirty hands, letting the germs spread and infiltrate our pores is something we want to avoid. Closed comedones seldom go away on their own, they need treatment from DIY or bought products to heal fully, and this can be frustrating to many people who want quick and fast results from the moment they apply an ointment. The good news is that with good and regular skincare you will be to avoid blackheads altogether, you just have to remember to clean your face every day!

Late one night I ended up glued to the shopping channel as you do and up popped the same skin care routine Pro Activ. It costs a fortune and is sporting Katy Perry, Adam Levine and Nicole Scherzinger as proud and continuous users to lure you into buying yet again another useless product that states it fixes everything but in fact does nothing. I would like to point out that I saw this advertisement at the start of my problem and thought no more about it.  I just continued to surf more channels to see what other rubbish was being flogged to the wide awake midnight watcher.

After almost year I was on holiday in the states and came across a wal mart creation called Equate Beauty. It claimed to have the same Ingredients as Pro Activ. It was a 3 step program of cleanser, toner and lotion. At this stage of the game I had tried everything as mentioned previously. So I bought it for around 12 dollars, thinking I really did have nothing to lose but I really wasn’t prepared to pay for Pro Activ for potentially another useless product. So I walked away with my knock off product not having a lot of hope but thinking if it has the same ingredients it will work exactly the same as Pro Activ so we will soon find out if it is worth its salt.

Well a couple of months later and not a spot in sight. Quite honestly I would never have believed it if it wasn’t happening to me. My cheap Pro Activ Knock off has in fact done the trick. It has kicked the nasty sore welts and left me with clear and confident skin. Of course the odd ones like to try but it never amounts to anything.

Coming to the end of my supply I was given Pro Activ Soap and Pro Active 3 step Programme for Christmas. My skin is now even better. I never thought it could be possible. Not only do I not get any spots, my complexion is more even, the redness of any new spots is instantly reduced and it continues to fight them off.  I haven’t had skin this great since I was probably a new born.

I have been left speechless and I feel the need to apologise for not believing in it as a product. ProActiv really has worked and managed to do exactly as it advertised. I guess it is easy to see why based on the fact I have tried a hundred different products to no avail. I ended up wasting my time and a ridiculous amount of money on adverts and promises of a perfect product that was really all a complete lie. I think at the end of this rather bizarre journey I have come to realise a few things. You can’t really trust any of the adverts these days the majority of the time they really are just telling you what you want to hear, however there are the occasional exceptions so always do the research first, you may find this helps to save you a small fortune in the end, so always check the reviews first. You don’t always need the most expensive product. This was also proven last year by the breaking news regarding sun tan lotions last year. The nut shell story was that some brands of sun tan lotions were investigated and tested by Which and some of the cheaper brands gave the correct coverage to sun exposure where as some of the more expensive brands didn’t give the coverage that was advertised on the bottle, making some of the cheaper ranges better. Lastly I realised that sometimes we just don’t always have access to the same amount of products and ranges as the states where they may contain ingredients to do the job. Here we need to continuously go to the doctor for a prescription for items which in the states is available over the counter. It is a shame that these were such costly lessons to learn but I guess it worked out well in the end. I have found a product that works well and has given me my confidence back, and the ability to feel comfortable again in my own skin and I felt the need to share this with you. It really is a priceless feeling. You can buy both equate beauty & ProActiv online and there are several great reviews on both of these products. You can also buy ProActiv from Boots online.

Conclusion: I highly recommend these products and I review the Equate Beauty at a 9 and the ProActiv at a 10 for my skin. In this case ProActiv has proven to be the better product, giving my complexion a better all over tone and reducing redness around the whole area of my face and helping to appear not only spot free but healthy too, however equate beauty still worked well. I wish I had tried these products a long time ago and I may have saved myself a small fortune. It is expensive but worth the money in the long run. The soap available at ProActiv is also a good way of buying the Cleanser in a way that lasts longer. This can be used for face and body. If it is only needed for the face it costs around £15 and will last you a lot longer than the standard cleanser. It is great way to get started to see if it helps with any improvements but I do recommend the 3 step treatment and to use it regularly.

Battle your way back to Happy Skin.

Care: These products contain Benzoyl Peroxide so please ensure you read and follow the instructions and directions of the product. Remember what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Your skin is unique. Please ensure when using this product you does use sun screen. This product can create redness and drying out of the skin due to the chemicals but for me did change after time. If you find yourself suffering any adverse reactions ensure you contact your doctor.