After such a warm, friendly and vibrant welcome, we were handed our menus almost immediately. We headed straight to the starter section in anticipation of getting the first course underway. To our delight there was an excellent array to choose from, in which we really took our time over in order embrace as many flavours as possible in one course.

We decided to go for one of the two sharing platters – ‘Chiquito Sharing Platter’. The tempt of the last line description of the starter’ ‘ A HUGE flavour‘ was hard to resist.

Along with the platter, we also ordered South Western meatballs – a meaty dish which was described a ‘a real treat’ and ‘full of flavour’ by our waiter.

Another round of drinks were ordered and delivered promptly. It was clear that the waiters had a keen interested incorporating their knowledge of the food and drinks in order to deliver a great customer experience, as we found asking for recommendations on the best food & drink to enhance our experience.

Whilst we waited for our starters, we were continually entertained by the musicians, who were full of energy and passion. Alongside the singers were two professional dancers who complimented the singers as such to produce an evening of great entertainment.

Be we knew it a huge platter arrived on our table. We could hardly wait to get took in as so many different flavours resonated from the dish. The combination of BBQ chicken wings, potato skins loaded with cheese and the cooked to perfection corn on the cob were all packed full of flavour and charisma. The top if off there was a large bowl and lightly warmed nachos with all the extra trimmings expected. An excellent starter. The meatballs also went down a treat for the meat lovers, in particular the tomato sauce which was fresh with flavour.


Overall an excellent starter course, definitely recommended for anyone and everyone.

Now for the main course…..

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