When I hear the word pulled, I imagine an animal (typically a pig) being pulled apart via rope. Sure, consuming meat is pretty much some variation of that, but it’s just a term that makes me think more about what I’m eating. And now KFC are in on the pulled meat game, taking the Kentucky Fried out of their chicken!


The KFC pulled chicken meals are available as a burger or wrap meal, there’s even a mini wrap for those who just want to snack. Each pulled variant comes smothered in a sickly sweet BBQ sauce with paprika coleslaw, the type of paprika so subtle you can’t even taste it. The pulled chicken itself is scraps thrown into your bread container of choice, and it’s fairly nice when you taste it through the barrage of condiments which might be hiding something. Or perhaps it’s an attempt of providing a range of eclectic tastes in one bite. Whatever the case, one could feel lost in determining the source of what truly makes pulled chicken tick.

Speaking of lost, the iconic fried coating has been cast aside, bringing wonder to what KFC even is. The burger meal attempts a solution, squeezing a mini fillet along with the pulled chicken, but then you just end up with confusion. It’s a safer, more true, KFC experience, but what faith does that show in the pulled chicken trying to make a home with its skinless self? The minute one would walk out from the store would be to forget that they were even in the Colonel’s restaurant. It’s good to offer a variety of food, but there seems to be a lack of confidence in the product, when it hides behind sauces and pure KFC chicken.

The pulled experience isn’t a terrible one, however. The wrap and burger are generally pretty tasty, if a little sweet, but it can’t replace the joy found in a classic or boneless chicken box. It’s a problem KFC are always going to face, with such a well loved recipe, how can you truly offer the next Fillet Tower to go side by side with the old?

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