Kindle Paperwhite: Review
10Overall Score

So anyone who is a book lover like me finds the transition of a traditional book onto a technological device a daunting and unwelcoming thought. The best and most enjoyable parts about a book is the way the paper feels between your fingers when you turn the pages, the way it fits comfortably into your lap and the way in which you display your new addition to your collection once you’ve finished reading.

I also love trailing the endless amounts of rows of books in different sizes, colours and genres in a book store. You never entirely know what you are going to come out the store with.

My love of reading and getting completely lost in a story inspired a gift from my doting partner, of the Kindle Paperwhite. I have to say it wouldn’t have been something I would have thought to buy for myself for all of the above reasons and the fact that it is quite costly for something you only read books on, however I have to say I may be now converted to the Kindle and it just be one of the best gifts I have ever received.

On opening the Kindle I had no idea what to expect or how complicated it might be to set up and use. To my surprise it was so easy and so fast and it guides you through each aspect on setting up your Kindle and linking to your Amazon  account. It guides you through all the different options on setting up your preferred font and font size to read with and how to make the most of your Kindle without the overcomplicated explanations. It is simple and well…fool proof. I also couldn’t believe just how quite lifelike it was in comparison to a book page. You forget your even reading or looking at something electronic.

One of my favourite parts of the Kindle Paperwhite is the backlight. This can be adjusted to whatever type of weather or brightness of your room or the outdoors so you can read clearly without straining your eyes. I think this just might be the defining moment that I realised how in love I became with it. Unlike reading on a computer you can get glare from the sunlight if you’re reading or browsing outside. If you’re like me and you are on holiday or enjoying some seriously needed fresh air with the limited amount of summer days we experience and you have some time to just chill on your own for an hour, I love just to get lost and relax with a chapter of a new book. Sometimes with a book it can be difficult to read in the sunlight with small print books and a little bit fussy or uncomfortable whilst also trying to take a sip of your favourite beverage. You seem to have to make a choice, take a swig of your drink or turn the page. With the Kindle Paperwhite there are none of these complications. You can adjust the back light to suit your environment and you can use it comfortably with just one hand and a swipe of your finger to turn the page, whilst using the other to hold that nice cold beverage of choice. More importantly you are not going to disturb your partner at the same time by leaving the light on because you have to see what happens in the next chapter. It is completely worth paying the extra for the Paperwhite just for this addition.

I love a good series and on buying a book if you finish the incredible first part to the series and are impatient and can’t wait to read the next book in a series you would have to wait until you have the time to go back to a book store. With the Kindle this is no longer a problem you can get the next book to that unputdownable series within seconds and for so much cheaper. Depending on the book it is usually only a few pounds and what is even better is that Kindle is also comprised of a large selection of free books to download at your leisure. Alternatively if you have reading material on your computer in an Adobe format that you need to study for, you  can transfer these documents from your computer onto your Kindle so you can get up to speed with any of your course work.

There is also no exaggeration on the battery life either. I have had the Kindle for maybe close to a year and I can probably count the amount of times on both hands in which I have had to charge it. If you are a serious reader and read all day long, you will need to charge it more often than others but for just occasional reading the battery does last a few weeks, which I find fabulous. I have been able to fully charge my Kindle before going on a holiday for a week and left the charger at home and I have had enough battery to last the whole week and then some when I got back.

A couple of things to take into account is that the Kindle does work on wifi so if you are going away I do suggest making sure you download any or all the books you might want to read before you leave. You may discover connectivity issues later and be unable to venture in the next part of Sherlock Holmes if you are unable to get connected.

Picking the best reader for you with all the competition on the market is a tough one. They all have relatively competitive prices and focus on different selling points. I don’t want to speak ill of any other brands because quite fairly I don’t own any of the other brands but if you are planning on getting one for yourself focus on the important factors to you. But as far as the quality in comparison I can’t really comment on but I do believe you pay for what you get. Trust me a poor man always pays twice. If you are planning on buying one as a gift I would always buy a Kindle. It is the original brand and no one can accuse of being a cheap skate. It is like picking between Coca Cola and Freeway cola to give to your friends at a party. Even though you might drink Freeway yourself you probably wouldn’t give it your friends at a party.

All in all 10/10 for the Kinde Paperwhite I couldn’t be happier with it. Plus you can take as many books as you like without the added weight. Unfortunately you can’t add these books to your collection but you can definitely start a new one on your Kindle without taking up additional space in your house. Genius!

Happy reading!