We all know too well just how bad the old Apple earphones were, can there replacement be good enough to make students part with their hard earned cash?

There are many complaints around the internet about Apple EarPods, the fact they just don’t fit people’s ears and tend to fall out easily. We have found no such issues and actually find them incredibly comfortable compared to most in ear buds. I have personally used them for the last 2 weeks as my main earphones and think they are probably the most comfortable buds I’ve ever worn!

Every student knows just how badly most of our earphones are treated, thrown in bags, stuffed in pockets or generally just dropped and stood on. The Apple Earpods case is made out of a single piece of plastic and have lasted pretty well, also the added bonus of not having rubber tips to lose!

One thing I have noticed is they get dirty quite easily, within a couple of days use there was already marks from rogue dirt in my bag!

Sound Quality
Lets cut all the 3 years in the making crap, when you buy new earphones all you really care about is sound quality (well most of us, some prefer “How loud do they go”). The EarPods produce good mid-range and bass. Quality during phone calls is also good, with many people commenting how clear the built in microphone was.

Noise cancelling
In one word, poor! Using the EarPods on the tube required them being turned up so much the volume bar on my iPhone turned red, don’t expect these to stop any background noise whatsoever!

Overall, we think these new EarPods are pretty decent! Sound quality is good compared to most bundled earphones, but don’t expect Bose quality sound. We wouldn’t however, recommend going out and buying these for £29, as there are better buds out there for that price!

Finally Apple has realised that when you are paying £500+ for a smartphone you should be able to actually use the earphones EarPods which are included!