Chances are prior to attending university said potential student will have attended some form of education; from college (in my case completing a BTEC) to doing sixth form at school. You may think you are used to doing coursework; but there is one thing they don’t really tell you, is how quickly the work level changes.

My first day at university was one of these; immediately I had 5 assignments (am on a foundation degree) attended eight lectures and to be honest was no closer to discovering where I was meant to be going for most of them. So I stuck to a tried and tested plan of mentally memorizing a tutor or student within the group and following them. But then I realized that they may mistake me for a stalker…

Honestly have no clue how this myth of a “university party life” came about; I have never been what you might call sociable, nor a “party animal” but one thing I always consistently heard at college was that university was always going to be full of parties and great events. During Freshers Week there were so many societies and events on offer it was hard to choose.

Since I got my workload though I have wisely attempted to stay away from such temptation; I may for example when the workload dies down join the self defense class but till then I know that I must have the self control to focus on my work.

Another point I would like to say is also getting used to the different teaching methods; I knew the work would be far more intense than at college; but I know a number of students struggle with the “hands off” approach that some lecturers appear to have; due to the support avaliable for students in their former places of education.

Honestly instead of only informing students only of the events and clubs and course information, why not include information that students will genuinely need so they know what they’re getting into and are not put off and end up with debt for a course that they have no intention of completing?

Either way; I know this transition is going to take time for me to get used to, but hopefully it will be worth it, regardless of the challenges ahead of me.