Interviews always feel like an assessment, it’s almost as if your whole life is condensed into a small interval. Let’s not forget the nerves and the anticipation of the interview. This is probably the worst part, awaiting its arrival and making yourself more anxious as time goes on. When the day finally arrives, you can often be very nervous and disorientated. Below are 5 interview hacks which will help you in making a good impression during the interview process, even if you are nervous!


1. Shiny shoes:

Your shoes say a lot about you as a person. If you have muddy shoes, scuffed or scruffy shoes this can give people the impression that you are a messy person. Your interviewer may not directly look down at your shoes, but they will notice them at some point during the interview. Preparation is key – clean the shoes that you are going to wear the night before the big day, just to make things less stressful for yourself. This means that your key focus is on the interview and what you will be saying. Ensure that they are sparkling clean and double check them when you arrive at the interview location. This will show them that you have made an effort and that you maintain your appearance. And on that note, also make sure your hands are spic and span!


2. Make a good impression – Be nice to the receptionist:

Yes, you should generally be nice to everyone, but here you must make a conscious effort to smile and talk to the receptionist. They have a lot of pull in the office, and if you’re rude to them, the rest of the office is going to know about it. Just think, they spend their day talking to everyone in the office, so they know the ins and outs of the workplace. Don’t underestimate their authority. They could be the ones to put in a good word for you, so make an effort and be nice. If you have come through a good specialist recruitment agency, they will have already made a good impression on your behalf. It is now up to you to demonstrate this.


3. Act as if you are interviewing them:

When you are being interviewed, they will give you an opportunity to ask you questions. This is your chance to find out about the company and the job. Although they may be trying to identify whether you are the right fit, you need to find out whether the company and job are right for you. Ask about the working hours, employee benefits, the pension and anything else that concerns you. This will demonstrate that you are thinking about the bigger picture, which can definitely help to secure the job.


4. Repeat the interviewer’s name:

This can help to make the interview more personal, and it also indicates that you are listening. Referring to them by their name can relieve any tension and it is generally just a good way of easing you into the interview. It can help to make the interviewer less intimidating, which is going to do wonders for your nerves. Try not to go overboard with saying their name though!


5. Tell them you are looking forward to hearing from them:

Follow this with a handshake which signifies confidence and you are all set. Don’t forget to tell them that it was nice meeting them, because they are not just analysing your qualifications. They will be attempting to identify your qualities as a person and this will just show them that you are courteous.


Try and schedule your interview in the morning as this will ensure that there is not enough time for you to work yourself up into a panic. Prepare everything the night before, leave the house early and arrive on time. It will eliminate any time to be nervous. Also avoid drinking caffeine beforehand, you don’t want to go into the interview and be a buzzing nightmare.


Good luck and be confident!