The centenary of the First World War means various things, which is a certainty, as the personal views of this matter is subjective. However, there is something bittersweet about the universal want to express reverence for the deaths of those during that time. The glorification of the dead however, possibly should be considered in two ways. The concepts of what these men died for are certainly profound at this time but I feel that as much as is possible, the pure loss of normality for those men should also be remembered.

We must take this time, indeed, even take a day to try and be aware of what we take for granted. Certainly the big things in our life such as family and friendship, but also being able to live without of a new day. The centenary will not last forever, but our opinions and hegemonies on the matter that we learn, maybe can last a little longer. As the more we appreciate what we have in life in comparison to what those who died did not, then maybe we can start appreciating one another and building a better society.

There is a view of hypocrisy embedded in these events, as we may consider what the loss of life was indeed for when there are still Wars and injustices in the world today. However, if you take something from this article, maybe make it that you consider what there is to learn from the First World War, what it means to you, and that it is something that brings people together.