Did the title catch your attention? Yes? No? Whatever the answer, I’m sure I can accurately say that many of us have walked – or dragged, in some cases – under dark clouds. Yes, I’m talking about going through tough times: financially, emotionally, socially, spiritually. The deterioration of a life can take place gradually, whereas an immediate collapse can befall on other (more unfortunate) people, like a set of dominoes that collapse onto each other on a dangerously unstable table. I’m not a philosopher, but I find that viewing the world through philosophical lenses helps to make more sense; and even sometimes helps to ease whatever pain and anxiety I’m feeling.

Many of us find ways (some stranger than others) to cope with all the various hurdles that life throws at us with a missile launcher. But, still, there are moments for many of us when we simply can’t take another step in life, because we think even that is too much for our aching bodies and minds. Life can get too much to handle sometimes, and it is in these moments that make some feel that they’re slowly but surely being crushed by the burdens and trials of life; some people simply give up under the (sometime intense) pressure, while other people somehow gain the strength to get back up and keep fighting the good fight.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, in times of economic turmoil and universal deceit, there is a hell of a lot of people who are subjected to mammoth proportions of anxiety, pain and immense suffering. As I’m writing this now, there are probably some (many?) people out there in the world who are contemplating committing the act of taking oneself “away” from this world: suicide. When people live under dark clouds, all they see is darkness and despair: to the left, to the right, behind, and in their future. I really don’t have an accurate estimation of the figure of human beings who are trapped in this sad, horrible frame of mind. But if I can speak to them, I would tell them to hang in their, that what they say and do matter…that they’re not alone in the world.

There are so many of us who are on the same boat. And of course there are instances when we create more hardships for ourselves through some of the bad decisions and actions that we willingly and knowingly make. But there’s no denying the fact that the masses – of which we belong to – are at the mercy of certain forces in the world that operate with the doctrine of self-interest and who have the distinctly Machiavellian mentality of “any means necessary” to achieve specific goals. Somethings never change I guess.

We all have our limits – and the world has to understand this. People – young and old, in the West and the East – shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about having a cry in the bedroom or in the comfort of a loved one’s arms.

The purpose of this article/entry isn’t to put its readers in a deeper state of depression, or to force out a flood of tears for that matter. And I am under no illusion as to what I, as a young man and a university student, can achieve through my writings. I’m not Batman (who happens to by my ultimate superhero, sorry Superman and Spiderman). What I most certainly am is an inquisitive, thoughtful human being: nothing more, nothing less. Just like you, and just like billions of other people around the world, who somehow find the will to live for another day.

So, if it helps, then cry.