I envision. No, that’s stupid. I can one day see a future… Well, no, you’re not a psychic. Let’s get together and… No, I’m not channelling Bob Marley into this. How hard is it to write a speech? To jot down a few sentences, and shove in a few rhetorical questions. Why did it seem so easy for those before me to get their goals, dreams and ideas on to the page? Or maybe it wasn’t. Did they find it hard to get what they wanted to say on to paper before preaching it to the world? Maybe they wished for it to become easier.

Maybe Martin Luther King didn’t have just a dream for changes to the United States and the integration he desired. Maybe he also had a dream where it would be easier for him to get his words out in ink so he could show the world what he wanted. Who am I kidding? Yes, it’s hard to get words structured and organised in a formal, hard-hitting yet empowering way. Or even in a casual, jokey style too. It’s all a bit much for me.

That’s the issue. I’m the problem as to why I can’t get my thoughts out. Why I find it so hard to put my visions into words for you. Words which I can put out to the masses. Receive a response. I can’t to speak up to those around me who will listen. Not because I don’t want to, just because I find it hard to.

However, I have a vision, that it will become easier. Where it’s easier to put pen to paper, with no fear of other people’s opinions. Where it’s easier to stand up for our rights, passions, happiness by speaking our minds without fear of ridicule. Where it’s easier for those who don’t like public speaking, dislikes class discussions and even worry about telephone conversations (yes, even those with family members) to know that their opinions, expressions and beliefs are being heard and understood. That’s all I want.

Therefore, I pledge to try something new. For each person I talk to, mentally note down the areas I find difficult to navigate, and review later on. When I encounter a similar situation, apply the pointers I made during evaluation (usually involving ‘do not mumble’ or ‘actually give a response – not a facial expression’). This so far has worked. Pin pointing the areas which I realise are weak, and building upon them at a later date. Sure, this is going to be a long process. I’ve yet to cover groups larger than three people; phone calls to family; and public speaking. Though, I’ll get there at some point. It’ll become easier.