Designing and constructing a commercial building comes with a number of things to think about. You are likely going to have staff, customers, or both spending a considerable amount of time, so it’s vital that your building is designed in such a way that it provides a positive experience for those inside.

Modern technology has heralded some incredible new developments in building design, with technology such as electric window openers offering a range of benefits over their traditional counterparts. Let’s take a look at why electric windows are such a good option for commercial buildings.

They’re Easier than Manual Windows

The mechanisms used to open manual windows can be difficult to operate and poorly designed. Not only that, wear and tear can cause them to jam and stick as the materials degrade and deteriorate. By replacing them with electric windows, your days of fighting to open the windows will be behind you. Now, all it takes to open or close a window is a click of a button.

Windows in commercial buildings in particular can be high up and out of reach. Often, these windows can only be opened with a long, unwieldy pole or more commonly, not opened at all. With electric windows, you can remotely open any window in your building from wherever you are.

They can be Used to Regulate Temperature

Offices and working spaces can get hot, especially when there is machinery being used inside. Employee performance will suffer if they feel too hot and, while there is no set maximum temperature, the law stipulates that a reasonable temperature must be maintained.

Rather than invest in an expensive air conditioning system, why not opt for a more cost-effective cooling method, and simply open the windows? With old manual windows, this could have been an arduous task that may have been more trouble than it was worth. However, electric windows can be opened instantly to keep your employees cool. Electric windows can even be integrated with smart technology and linked with temperature sensors, opening when it gets too hot and then closing again when it gets too cold.

They let in Sunlight

Studies have indicated that sunlight is incredibly important for worker morale. Not only does natural light benefit our physical bodies, but it can also boost our mood and emotional state. Electric windows offer you the ability to control how much sunlight is getting into your space. This is vital if you want to keep your staff happy and promote a positive working environment. If you own a space where you welcome customers or clients, natural light looks much better than artificial light and will create a better impression.


Electric windows can be a fantastic option for commercial buildings and offer a range of benefits over traditional manually operated windows. They’re easier to open and close and can be done so remotely from wherever you are, they can also be used to regulate the temperature inside your building and can allow more natural sunlight to filter in for the benefit of your staff and your customers.