There’s is something quite empowering about being angry. I once read somewhere that anger is a tool that humans evolve to make hard decisions. It seems to mean that rather than a’ red mist descending’ anger is more like night vision goggles showing us what we need to do when there’s not a fully illuminated solution in sight.

I found anger to be God send to me recently. I had a crap job that ruined my life outside of work; I worked nights for minimum wage, missed uni a LOT and never saw my family, (who operated between business hours, and I operated in the small ones.)  If I had a mood ring it would have been black all day and all night.

Then, New Year’s Eve I just quit.

I have no job but my sleeping pattern is great and now I actually have the energy to do stuff and look for a more suitable job properly, (as well as going to clubs instead of working in them.)

I wanted to pass this advice on because being British we have a tendency to bottle things up when it seems that that’s the worst thing you can do. I left my job and have a good reference because I didn’t stay long enough to have a mental break down and kill my boss with a £140 bottle of grey goose vodka.

We’re all legally adults right? So why is it that being a student attracts hassles that would normally never affect people of the same age who didn’t go into further education? (And more annoyingly we just kind of put up with it.)

This is the EXACT time in our lives when we should be doing what we want, where we want. We have lovely financial support with loans, and most of us are lucky enough to not yet have to deal with kids or big responsibilities. Because of this my new year’s res is to not deal with crap.

I’ll do that when I’m thirty and want a raise or an office.

I won’t be unemployed for long but all I know is that for the time being my grass couldn’t be any greener.