When I was younger, my Mum was always telling me that I was growing up far too fast- that I needed to make the most of being young, that is was my chance to grasp a true sense of freedom.

If you watch a film from the 80’s, such as ‘Stand by me,’ and ‘The Goonies,’ you’re shown adventures,  thrills and as described before, a true sense of freedom. However, times have certainly changed since the 80’s, as the days of which I should have been off on adventures, were spent in my bedroom; trying out make-up, straightening my hair, and dare i say it, using a mobile phone. And yes, before you ask I was around 8 years old. Thinking back to it, I do regret it. I do have plenty of memories, of enjoying my child-hood, however them times were wiped out of the window due to the fear of not being accepted.

This leads me onto my point, what would you do to be accepted? It’s all fine and well to say that you don’t care what others think, for some this may be true, but it can be difficult. Imagine an innocent 8 year old child being bullied for the way the look or act- unaccepted in that peer group- unable to escape the torture of facing them painful comments on a day to day basis whilst being trapped in school.
It would unfortunately make me want to change, to do anything to be accepted…

I, myself believe that this is why the youth of Great Britain are growing up so quickly, trying to be something they’re not- to be accepted. If you read a magazine, I can guarantee the first thing you would see would be a glamorous celebrity, with about 50 million people aspiring to be like them. Diversely, that is quite ironic as what we mere ‘non-celebrities’ do not have is around 30 people making us look that way, and quite frankly don’t have the millions to spend on it either!

Life will always throw obstacles at you, 95% of the population have probably faced some form of bullying, but we over come it. I used to think that life revolved around being accepted, that what others thought was all that mattered- but I was wrong. Sure, it is nice for others to think the way you look or act is lovely. On the other hand if they don’t, and have the time on their hands to make a silly comment about you, it doesn’t matter, an opinion is not a fact. Being yourself is very important, you don’t want to loose who you are.

Sometimes all you want is to be accepted- but always remember, it is better to be yourself than a copy of somebody else- always be true to who you are.