These days, it seems like everyone has the travel bug. More and more young people are signing up for trips around the world, whether it’s disappearing to Australia for months on end or heading inter-railing around Europe for the summer etc. It appears almost everyone wants to experience the many corners of the world and why wouldn’t they? Travelling is awesome – ESPECIALLY for young people!

So just in case you haven’t got the message or are in two minds about embarking on your own adventure, here are some top reasons why you should get travelling while you’re still a young whippersnapper…

You won’t have this time again

Ok, I’m not saying that if you don’t travel now then you’ll never get the chance again, however, you are only young once. Who knows what the future holds – but once you are tied down with various responsibilities and commitments , such as a family, a career or just paying the bills, it can be hard to find the time and money to get away. Therefore, it seems wise to make the most of the freedom of youth and to have as many adventures as you can before life gets in the way.

Take a break and find a new direction

Sometimes certain things get us down, whether we’re navigating post-graduate life, studying or just working hard. Even if you’re perfectly happy with the way things are going, it’s normal to want to take a break and escape your everyday routine, even if only for a little while. Maybe you’re deciding the next step of your career, looking for a new adventure or just in need of a change of scenery or a little more freedom. Whatever stage of life you’re at, taking some time to travel can give you the chance to see things from a different perspective and to return with a clearer focus on what you want to do next.

There are some great deals and opportunities to be had

Take some time to research the possibilities for travel for students and young people and you may be pleasantly surprised. Various travel companies exist aimed at giving young people exclusive deals and discounts as well as providing guided tour travel for large groups. There are also working holiday visas and opportunities for internships which may not be so easily available as you get older. If you are planning on taking a break but find you keep putting it off, make sure you know what you are and aren’t eligible for and when certain cut off points apply so as not to miss out!

You can impress employers and boost your CV

Lying on a beach soaking up the sun all day isn’t going to impress anyone, however, using your time and travel experience wisely can work to your advantage in terms of future prospects. Why not volunteer aboard or gain work experience via an internship? With the right visa you may even be available to find paid work (which can also come in handy for funding your travel adventures). Why not take the opportunity to expand your language skills or to learn about local history or the exciting new culture around you? Many people are put off taking time to travel because they believe employers will frown upon CV gaps, however, if you can show that your travel experience was educational or changed you or your skill-set in positive ways then it is merely an advantage to your CV.

Broaden your mind and have fun

Time to break out some quotes…..

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine

Not all those who wander are lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien

To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

….A little cliché and trite, yet all very true! Travelling is awesome and unique in the way it allows us to learn new things and change as people all while exploring the world and interacting with other cultures. In a single trip you can have fun, find your independence, master new skills, experience a new way of life and learn more about the world around you! So why not take the time to consider doing some travelling – whether it’s a big trip or a short break, there are so many reasons to see the world and to make the most of the many benefits travelling can offer young people.