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If you are the social media type,  scrolling through Instagram, you will see people traveling around the world on your explore page. Summer is usually the time a lot of students travel out to experience new cultures, and also enjoy the moment, but it is easier said than done.

You’ve probably been thinking to yourself; “How do students like me afford to travel? If you thought about that, then you need to rethink how you travel on a budget. Instead of getting overwhelmed with hotel charges and trying to find one in a perfect location, then you should consider AirBnB.

  • Affordable: depending on where you are, hotels can be really pricey, and as a student on a budget, you might not be able to afford one in the location you want. Airbnb offers spacious and trendy homes all over the world you wouldn’t normally be able to afford at reasonable rates.

Then the good news is; you also save a whopping sum of £25 off your accommodation when you book an trip with Airbnb. This is why many students are going to the summer for a holiday.

  • Impressive Living Spaces: despite paying that amount of money for accommodation in Airbnb, the spaces are very comfortable, and also very well arranged to suit your taste.
  • First-Hand Information: When you check into an Airbnb, you can ask the host for any information you need about the city, or about a particular place. They know the city more than you and can definitely offer you genuine information about anywhere you choose. This is how we have found some of the best local restaurants and bars when travelling!
  • A Personalised Touch: When you check in with Airbnb, you might even be lucky to get a room that is supplied with everything you need. Like free Wi-Fi, guidebooks, and maps. So you can easily navigate through the city and get to wherever you are going without stress.
  • Clean Rooms: after a long day of walking around, exploring, and enjoying your day. There is nothing more relaxing and beautiful than getting back home to meet a clean, comfortable, and properly laid bed. You can also decide to share a room with another student, if you are trying to save more money, or if you are the type that does not like staying in a room alone.

So, make your bookings now, and don’t let money stop you from enjoying yourself.