Video games are the modern day escape to modern, old or new worlds, for me it is what often makes a game, the world itself. Winterhold in Skyrim to  the planet of Thessia in Mass Effect, each world has even smaller worlds and cities to explore. In this article I will be numbering my 5 favourite gaming worlds, for your consideration.

5. Mirror’s EdgeScreenshot1
This setting is a pretty plain if you look at it really, but imagine being able to jump place to place, the overall white setting with single red indicators is a dynamic and interesting concept to the game and made the views more beautiful and striking to me. We need a this sequel; it’s as simple as that, I need an open world to be made out of this bright world. The game is about climbing and parkour, as you get higher you are rewarded with vast city settings, obscure objects to jump off, the highlight being a set of cranes for me. Shame it’d be no use to me as I actually….can’t do anything. I can barely run…



4, Wonderland in Alice MadnessAmerican-McGees-Alice-Madness-Returns-1080p-Wallpaper-05bis-Vale-of-Tears-Wonderland Returns
A gothic twist on a classic, even with the black Ruins you fight against and the blood and danger staining the streets of this Wonderland, it’s beautiful to explore and wander around in, adding in the factor of the costumes, its perfect. However, I did like the underwater stage the most in the Siren Dress, its no Rapture from BioShock but it’s beautiful and a little bit creepy, with the suspense of the area making you jump. The people that inhabit this stage in Alice are annoying and impossible to deal with, but I still appreciated the overall look of this level.



3. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Roma5
Who wouldn’t honestly want to climb across the roofs of  the 16th Century Roma? Being an assassin would be amazing when you’re rewarded with these views, let’s be honest.  Syncing in the viewpoints was often the highlight to me after killing all the Borgia guards and the often difficult Borgia Captains, it was a rewarding sight to be able to look over the section of Roma you have just liberated, not to mention the perks of purchasing nearby banks and blacksmiths. Convenient and pretty. I enjoyed AC3 and the AC4 vast open world on sea and land but this game will always be one of my favourites of the series I have been playing for 7 years.


2. Capital Wasteland/ Mojave Wasteland. Fallout 3 & New VegasFO3-Capital-Wasteland
I couldn’t decide between the grey Capital or the orange settings of New Vegas, so I picked them in the same category (don’t kill me). The look of this post apocalyptic wasteland is haunting, cruel and often leaves some stories to be discovered. This open world is beautiful and limitless with the amount you can find and do. The most haunting secret I found was the story of Vault 11 in New Vegas, I spent half an hour looking to find the truth of this place, I became obsessed with the grim and shocking tale and it wasn’t even a mission! In the Capital Wasteland I did more in Big Town than I expected and even crossed slavers on my way, fighting the Super Mutants too. The cruel reality and idea behind the wasteland is what attracts me to these worlds, it holds secrets and gut wrenching truths behind every door. I often enjoyed the Vaults and found myself getting attached to Vault 101 after your return to help save the Vault Dwellers in your old home. These worlds hold a horrific beauty, who can ever forget stepping out of Vault 101 and seeing the desolate world around you? I can’t.


1. Columbia. BioShock Infinite
It’s a flying city in 1912.Oct22-Screen03

I could end my justification there, but I need to do my decision justice. Yes, I have been playing AC for 7 years. But when I was launched into the sky, my mouth was wide in shock, I had never seen something so beautiful in a game. This steam-punk style air city of Columbia, run by the antagonist of the game, Zachary Comstock, held a beautiful world of exploration and for this reason I really wished it was more of an open world game, like AC or Fallout, but the story is beautiful without the open world, so I cannot complain. Grappling and travelling across the skylines was breathtaking, after killing some enemies I just kept grappling onto this one skyline because of the view and to escape. Everything about this game was amazing to me, but it’s the one game setting I’ve actually wanted to live in, its peaceful until that certain character, your character begins to dig around, but imagine being a civilian there? Peaceful, walking around happily in a gorgeous 1912 dress, sipping coffee. Perfect. If there is a heaven, I want mine to look like this, nice work Comstock.

Worlds that need a special mention: The Last of Us (University of Colorado), Skyrim (Whiterun and Sovengarde), Assassins Creed 3(Frontier), Dishonoured (Dunwall), Destiny (The City).