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Review: Non-Stop

Liam Neeson returns as air marshal Bill Marks in yet another action flick. A transatlantic flight goes pair-shaped when a series of text messages sent to Bill's...

Don’t Starve Review

It's first of all worth noting that Don't Starve was a Playstation Plus game in early 2014. Some may have decided to play it and some may have left it sitting i...

Some Thoughts On UKIP

It's something I've felt quite strongly about and so I've tried to put some of my thoughts on paper on the United Kingdom Independence Party. I'm not an encyclo...

Is The Vita Dead?

I'm currently staring at a dusty, slightly crumpled box stashed in the corner. It's my Vita. It's there whenever I need it. It has signs of wear, the rubber on ...


Nial hails from the North East of England and has a passion for games, films and music. He also likes to dabble in politics now and then.