Contents in the box.

1x Blue Snowball Microphone

1x Metal stand

1x USB Cable

1x Instructions book


The feet of the screw on mic stand are covered in rubber to avoid scratching your desk. The stand can also be extended an extra inch or so. There is a small red light just above the Blue logo on the front of the mic that indicates when the mic is powered on. The USB cable seems a decent length if you needed to place the mic a distance away from the computer.


The particular model I have has a matte white finish with a metal stand and metal logo and decoration. You can also find in an array of different colours including a gloss black and aluminium version. It’s incredible appeasing to look at with a great retro style. It could jazz up any old boring desktop and looks of good build quality. The only bad comment I could make on it is I don’t believe you can get a white gloss version with this particular model. Only the iCE version which is missing an options toggle on the back for different mic arrangements.

Microphone Quality

There are 3 settings located on the back of the device. Omnidirectional, Cardioid and Cardioid -10 dB. After a quick test using Audacity, the Snowball sounds perfectly reasonable for podcasting, game commenting, calls and such. It could be louder on settings 2 and 3 and you generally need to speak quit close to the mic for it to create the richest sound but for the price it is very good.  I’d recommend a pop filter to go with it to eliminate any chance of mic distortion from talking close to the mic.


It would usually retail around the £60-£70 mark in high-street stores such as Maplin but you can get it cheaper online from outlets such as Amazon which I happened to do. I got mine for approximately £55.

£60-£70 would maybe be a little on the expensive side but if you can find it cheaper it’s an absolute bargain.

The iCE version which is practically the same, minus the option of 3 different recording settings retails for less at around £50 in store and obviously even cheaper online.

After what seems like months of researching, I have finally managed to get hold of a microphone that feels as if it could cover me for a long time in whatever I decide to create with it.