We all, girls, know how difficult it is to put up together a decent outfit to either go out partying, go to uni, go see a film, do shopping and the list can continue on and on. This is the reason why I thought about doing a top 7 of key pieces that everyone should have at home which will save your lives when you need a good outfit.

  1. Little black dress. I know that everyone keeps mentioning the black dress and I am myself sick and tired to hear how awesome can sometimes be to have one, but you have to believe me, having a black dress is like a dream come true when you need to go somewhere and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Either you go out to a more formal event, or just out one night with your friends, the little black dress will save your life. The essential thing is to actually find one that suits you and make sure that it is not super short. No one likes to see your undies, plus it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Jeans. Denim is necessary in any wardrobe, no matter how your body is you will look spectacular in jeans. Again, you need to find the perfect pair, even if this means spending an hour in the dressing room. Do not leave until you find a pair that you like. You can wear jeans with pretty much everything and unless it is a formal occasion you can wear them anywhere. Either with high hills, flats, sandals, sneakers they go with everything. You can choose different colours as well, so you must make sure to own the perfect jeans.
  3. Collared shirt. Although some people don’t like classic pieces I think that one must possess a great shirt. You can wear it at uni, going to see a film, drinking coffee in town, whatever fancies you. Not to even mention that a shirt looks good on anyone so it’s definitely a win-win situation.
  4. Boots. Depending on where you live if there is a particular cold season boots are the best. I know not many people like them; especially since you can wear something comfy like Uggs, but having a pair of boots is essential. They go with most of the outfits that you have in your head and they are very handy in winter.
  5. White and black tops. One cannot have too many t-shirts! Whether they are made of cotton, silk, jersey it is one of the great pieces that will change a look. They can make you look sporty (with jeans) or they can link an outfit (having nice jewellery or a coloured skirt).
  6. Black hills. Even if you don’t usually like to wear hills it is still necessary to own a black pair. Why? Because there must be a special occasion when you would wish to have one. They go with pretty much everything and if the height is all right they will not be painful. Black hills are life saviours!
  7. Blazer or Coat. Again, depending on where you live you can actually change an entire outfit with a right blazer. They come in different colours and have so many shapes. If you prefer, you can pick a coat too. The best thing about having a coat is that you can even wear pyjamas underneath, no one will know.

These were my suggestions in terms of life lasting pieces of clothing that you can wear pretty much everywhere and with everything and also, never go out of fashion. Hope this will help you girls to stop spending so much time when getting ready to go somewhere and also to refrain yourself to say the well-known line: “I have nothing to wear” when your wardrobe is full of clothes.