Everyone who knows me the tiniest bit knows that I watch lots of TV series. So many that, in fact, I don’t have the time to catch up with all the shows I would like to watch. And that has always been the case with Breaking Bad:

I knew it was a good show, with many awards and a huge fandom, but my lack of time had prevented me from becoming addicted to it, so whenever I heard someone talking about how amazing it was, I just didn’t care. I couldn’t understand the reason for so much buzz around it. Well, now I do.

After months of pressure from a couple of friends, I decided to start watching Breaking Bad during a week of flu and bed, and I have to say, thank God for that flu! I cannot understand how I hadn’t started this show before; it’s flawless and stunningly well written and acted. In a single week, I was only going to watch the first season and I ended up getting to the end of the third one (that is how addictive this show is).

I will try to explain some parts of it without spoiling it…



62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

If something has to define Breaking Bad, it’s the relationship between its two main characters. Walt is a high school science teacher, and Jesse is one of his former students, who happens to be a meth cook (or at least he tries…). When the doctor tells Walt that he has lung cancer, he reconsiders his life, and starts hanging out with Jesse to create the purest crystal meth possible, so that Walt can leave enough money to his family.

The chemistry between these Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is undeniable, and they bring the best of each other in their scenes together. As a matter of fact, Paul’s Jesse was only meant to last the first season, but the producers loved the pairing so much that they decided to keep him. It doesn’t surprise me.



Breaking-Bad-White-Family-RawIf you are a smart human being with feelings and a brain inside your head, you will adore Walt Jr and you will hate Skyler in the depths of your soul. They are the reason why Walt immerses himself in the world of drugs, even though they don’t appear much (at least Walt Jr). I immediately liked the son, and my “hate” (so to speak) against Skyler grew stronger with each episode. I have talked to other people about it to make sure that it wasn’t just me, and apparently everybody hates Skyler as much as I do, so it is a general feeling.





THE VILLAINSbreaking-bad-gus-walter-jesse

I’m going to say the least possible about this, because I would give too much away, so I would only point out that the “bad guys” in this show are extremely well written and very complex. Just wait until you meet the spectacular Gus Fring… And that is all I’m going to say.






So if you are like me and you have been ignoring such an amazing show all these years, now is the perfect moment to start. The final season premieres this summer, and there is nothing better that living the end of a successful show at the same time as the rest of the fans.

And if you do, you will never see Bryan Cranston as Malcolm’s dad again. He will be Mr Walter White, the man who strangled a drug trafficker with a motorbike’s padlock.

He will be Heisenberg.