It seems 2012 will not be going down as the year that defined casting.

You may have seen recently that Lindsay Lohan was set to take on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a new movie.  Like me, you may have rejoiced in this, purely as it represented the moment when film could quite simply not get any worse, like when a junkie going cold turkey gets over the initial hump.

Then, out of nowhere, the horrid pain re-emerges.

Since the ever increasingly impoverished and depressed world seem like they will be stripped of the delight of an apocalypse this year, the film world has come up with another little pellet of delight to feast your eyes and ears on, as James Corden will play Paul Potts in a new film.

Being told a film will be released about Paul Potts is like being told someone that you don’t really know is seriously ill.  It doesn’t really affect your life, but you can’t help but think wow, that’s really awful.

A bouquet of pressing questions present themselves when you hear of a story like this.  For example, why does Paul Potts, who won Britain’s Got Talent off the back of the country’s guilt of initially laughing at him (or his voice if you tip a less cynical cap to the world), deserve to have a film made about him?  Who on earth would watch it?

It seems like the film might be the latest installment in a trend started by Susan Boyle, another BGT winner of course, about whom a play opened in Newcastle in March, with Rab C Nesbitt actress Elaine C Smith taking the lead role.  Stories like Potts and Boyle’s have certainly stole the hearts of millions across the globe, and it would be a fool who didn’t predict that more film makers and playwrights will be keen to keep the ball rolling.

So who will be next then?  Whatever it is, it surely can’t be worse than the infinite black hole of Peter Andre making a reality show about making a reality show.  My money is on either Gareth Gates and his stuttering sex exploits with Jordan, or a film about the time when Steve Brookstein won X-Factor and fell down a well on his way home, only for nobody to ever find him.