I’d be surprised to find someone out there who hasn’t at least heard of Breaking Bad let alone seen it. Yes, Breaking Bad has been quite the talk for a few years now, still winning awards as well might I add, so it’d be quite difficult to avoid anyone saying ‘there’s this show you have GOT to watch.

It’s popularity had to grow over time with it’s fan base being primarily weak at first but AMC the network who created the show and with the brilliant mind of Vince Gilligan pushing the show to stay on the air it managed to break past it’s initial slow start off and move into something further than TV itself. The show is quite an interesting one, I mean so interesting that the creators delved into the show with no future plans, just a character basis. The story follows Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who is a down on his luck family man and high school chemistry professor. The first episode he is diagnosed with cancer and unable to afford the health care and wanting to set up a future for his family he, with his knowledge in chemistry and help from old high school drop out Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walter White decides to venture into the meth industry. Yes, that’s right I said the meth industry.

The story from that point balances between Walter growing his meth business whilst also keeping everything under wraps from his family, especially his DEA agent brother in law. But what makes the show so special isn’t the typical story outline, rather it’s the growing characters as they change dramatically from start to finish and how everything manages to come together. For example Walter is a quiet guy who gets pushed around by just about anyone but he slowly changes his attitude and view on life getting to a point where he believes he has nothing to lose risking everything for power. He and Jesse are the main plot points with their characters constantly developing due to the ruthless drug world they’ve inhabited.

With Breaking Bad it feels like the perfect series. Everything works together and there’s very rarely a dull moment. Heck even in moments which are meant to be dull, they just manage to pull us in more (for example an episode meant for ‘filler’ for money reasons takes place entirely in a basement with the two chasing a fly but it’s the character developing which was so inviting to the episode itself.) The way the story unfolds over it’s 5 seasons is extraordinary as we really delve into the nitty gritty of Walter, his family and everyone he is involved with.

Breaking Bad is where the TV industry is heading. Soon we’ll have dramas focusing on these elements and creating some truly amazing worlds with fantastic characters based in it. It’s paved way for more shows to really push boundaries and limits. If you haven’t seen this cooking masterpiece then you should definitely give it a try. Don’t worry if at first you struggle to make it through as the first season and a half take a little while to really start loving the characters.