The Wall

1 - The Wall
Vacationing with a couple in their mountain retreat, a woman finds herself alone at the cabin one day, inexplicably trapped by an invisible wall.

Una Noche

2 - Una Noche
After Cuban teenager Raul is accused of assault, he and his best friend decide to flee the country and make the 90-mile journey to the United States. Elio’s twin sister — whom he is reluctant to leave behind — narrates their harrowing story.

The Girl

3 - The Girl
While transporting illegal immigrants across the Texas border, a cash-strapped single mother finds herself caring for a young Mexican girl. Along the way, she’s forced to reexamine her life with a critical eye.


4 - Barbara
In 1980 East Germany, Barbara, a doctor, is reassigned to a small rural hospital as punishment for trying to find work in the West. Biding time until her lover can help her defect, Barbara begins to suspect that her new boss knows of her plans.

Prince Avalanche

5 - Prince Avalanche
While repainting traffic lines along a burnt-out stretch of rural highway, a mismatched pair — straightlaced Alvin and his girlfriend’s harebrained brother, Lance — form an unlikely bond that builds upon their differences.

Wish You Were Here

6 - Wish You Were Here
Searching for answers about what happened to their friend who vanished while they vacationed in Cambodia together, Steph, Alice and Dave discover a shocking truth — and must deal with the consequences as more secrets are revealed.


7 - COG
Based on a short story by David Sedaris, this comedy follows the brash young author as he travels to Oregon to work on an apple farm. The journey exposes him to all sorts of culture clashes, but what awaits him at the farm is far worse.


8 - Maniac
In this high-gloss update of a 1980 slasher flick, Elijah Wood stars as Frank, a mannequin store owner who develops an unsatiable lust for blood when he becomes obsessed with a young artist who turns to him for help with her latest exhibit.