If you like caustic humour and shameless jokes, you obviously love American Dad. With countless witty jokes and pop culture references per minute, this show is catching up with its predecessor, Family Guy. I guess it depends on one’s personal tastes, although the core of both shows is the same. Over the years, I’ve grown more attached to the first one, and I would like to recommend a list of the best episodes in the event of an American Dad marathon (or just if you want to start watching it and you don’t know if you are going to like it).

The following episodes are known to be the most controversial, but also the funniest. That’s how it works.



The main plot is that Stan and Roger find out that Jeff (Hayley’s boyfriend) is wanted in Florida for possession of marijuana, so they become bounty hunters to take him back. That is just an excuse for one of the most hilarious scenes ever seen on this show, and the reason why this episode is so good: Stan and Roger inadvertently get high when a marijuana greenhouse catches fire. Simply great.


Such a shame that this is the longest bit you can watch on Youtube. The whole scene is worth watching…


One of the best episodes so far, sets the story in a James Bond-ish world, with Stan as 007. Bond references apart, the highlight is Roger as Tearjerker, a villain who wants to create the saddest film ever to cause a mass murder. The trailer of “Oscar Gold” speaks for itself.


This one just has it all, and every story in it deserves to be the main one. Firstly, Roger decides to have a spring break party the whole week so that the MTV names him the King of Spring Breaks. Then you have Stan, who feels depressed because Francine doesn’t find him funny and befriends a college student at Roger’s rave. And finally, Steve gets the chance to lose his virginity with a Carmen Electra type of girl, obviously ruining it.


An American Dad Classic, this Christmas Special travels with Stan back in time to the 1970s, where his actions towards Jane Fonda and Martin Scorsese create a devastating effect in the present-day. Also, 1970s Roger finds a cassette with the greatest hits of the decade (which Stan inadvertently loses) and becomes a disco music mogul.



After having sex with Francine inside the church, Stan discovers that they and Roger have been left on Earth while everyone else has ascended into Heaven due to the Rapture. A furious Stan blames his wife, who ends up dating Jesus. Oh! And Andy Samberg and Will Forte voice some of the characters, so that is a plus.



Another classic, even if it’s only to see the scenes between Stan and George Clooney.



During a CIA Telethon to raise money for the torture devices they need. Roger, angry with Stan because the idea was actually his, goes Phantom of the Opera-esque during the show, keyboard included.



And last but not least, this episode deals with quite a gross issue: Hayley begins dating Stan’s CIA double. I’m not a fan of Hayley’s stories, but this one is so weird that I found it funny.



There are lots of other episodes that are also worth watching, but this Top 8 is a good list to begin with. It is impossible not to love American Dad after watching them.