Whether you’re hoping to gain some experience in a field that you plan to one day work full-time in, or you are hoping to earn some extra cash while completing your studies, there are a number of excellent jobs and career opportunities for students in London. Working full-time isn’t going to be practical for those who also have university studies to contend with, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still find valuable and rewarding employment.

The following five industries are of particular value to London’s students. These are tried and tested fields that are known to offer the perfect combination of decent pay, reasonable hours, and valuable experience. If you are in need of temporary employment, these are the industries to consider first.

Event Support

London is a hotbed of events. From gigs and festivals to large conventions and other gatherings, there is no shortage of events in London, and when there are events, there will be a need for people to support them. One of the biggest advantages of working in event support is that no two jobs will be the same. You will develop a range of skills, many of which will surprise you.

For example, working in event support will require you to develop your people skills, as you will be working alongside a number of other individuals, and helping to ensure that attendees have a positive experience. You will also need to be able to organise yourself and those working alongside you, which will require communication and teamwork.


If there’s one thing London isn’t short on, it is cafes and restaurants. This means that there are always waitressing vacancies waiting to be filled, and while it might not seem like the most exciting work, you can make a lot of money from it. Depending upon which area of London you work in, you could find yourself in the enviable position of being able to live entirely off the tips you make, this is standard for workers in some of the city’s more affluent areas.

Browsing the available waitressing jobs in London from Staff Heroes will give you an idea of just how many jobs are out there, and the variety of doors that they can open.

Bar Work

Like waitressing, bar work may sound like a mundane job, but it can potentially earn you some serious cash in a city like London. Bar work is an excellent choice for those who want to build their confidence and people skills. Another advantage of bar work is that there are often numerous opportunities to undertake bar work on your university’s campus.

Once you have gained some experience working behind a bar, you will find that securing future jobs in similar positions becomes much easier. The hardest part is landing that first job.

On-Campus Jobs

There are often a number of jobs available in universities themselves. As well as the aforementioned bar work, universities regularly host events and are often eager to give students work experience while they complete their studies. Consult with your university’s administration to find out what jobs are available.

Temp Agency

Signing up with a temping agency is the perfect choice for those who want to work but aren’t sure where they want to work. There are temp positions available in just about every industry these days, and because of the nature of the work, you will have the opportunity to experience the full range of what’s available. Once you have found an industry that speaks to you, you can pursue future employment opportunities in that field.

There are a number of advantages to finding work as a student. You will not only gain experience that is useful to your future career plans, you will also develop a number of useful life skills. The above five industries are particularly fruitful choices for students looking to start working.