I could name, I’m not going to but I could, two people who I used  to be at university with, who have turned to the stripping industry to help fund there way through university. From the money that they could earn I can sure see the advantages that would bring. More disposable income at university the better your lifestyle will appear to be. Or so it would seem. I couldn’t imagine myself stripping down to my skivvies infront of some champagne sipping business man who can’t get his kicks at home so filling his mind for his lonely hours later on. The question is do I admire the people who do this? No. I don’t. Do I admire the money they earn? Maybe not admire but envy. I would love to have the extra cash knocking around ironically enough to buy clothes.

So what should be done? Well, what can be done? People need money and a job is a job but should it be lingering in the back of the mind, ‘The only reason I have got to where I am today is because of the sex industry’. In my opinion if you are going to university it is because you want to further your education, make something of yourself, give yourself the best opportunities in life to get ahead and succeed. My friend mentioned sperm donation to me the other day “It’s £80!” How tempting is that?! That was shortly followed by “And in 10 years you can trace it to see what you have made” How off putting is that? Get yourself in to a relationship settle down at christmas with your loving wife and kids thinking, ‘Is there one missing?’

Medical tests, sex industry, sperm donation. All offer money as a incentive, reward and maybe, just maybe a shadow of regret. The question that I would always ask myself, ‘Can I afford to be that person?’