I would like to congratulate UKIP on their new MP to the House of parliament. Jolly good show lads, you have proven to be a nasty thorn in the sides to our three main parties. It seems that UKIP represents the struggling man who has become disengaged and tired with the bollocks and bad rhetoric which comes stewing out of the mouths of the diabolical David, enigmatic Ed, and Cleggy Weggy Woo. If you want a leader who you can have a proper conversation with, then Nigel Farage is your man: he will drink at the pub with you, have a friendly smoke, and can always be trusted to tell you how it is without sugar coating his policies with unrealistic dreams and propaganda.

So what policies does this hopeful and aspiring party have? Well, firstly lets discuss the European Union (yawn!). Yes, we all know how UKIP truly hate the EU and everything it represents; apparently the UK has too many migrants, and it is these migrants which are taking the jobs and benefits of the much deserved British people. Hmmm, are you sure Nigel? Do migrants really take our jobs, or is it the case that a lot of the unemployed are British natives because they are unwilling to take on the jobs which the migrants are willing to take on? Because the last time I checked (yesterday), migrants within the EU roughly provide 34% more to the public purse in taxes then if they were not in the UK, and migrants outside of the EU contribute 32% more to the public purse then what they take out. That does not sound like Britain is losing money and well-being from the results of immigration; actually, it sounds like Britain is actually benefiting form immigration.

Furthermore, it is funny how Nigel talks about his policies in regards to education, and how the British education system should incorporate British values into our education system. It is however no surprise that UKIP fails to indicate what these ‘British values’ are, so lets look at a few of the values held by UKIP represents.

Well, we have the adoring views that homosexuality is a “spiritual disease”; maybe you should look in the mirror my friend, and you may just see the disease! Maybe I’m being unfair, how about the the charming Jan Zolyniak, who claimed: “The evidence is quite clear that the percentage of homosexuals who molest children is very high and cannot be dismissed”. Okay, I have suddenly become more protective over my children i.e. ensure they avoid having a conversation with you, Jan. But how about the views of Godfrey Bloom, who made the perceptive realisation that the £1bn a month we give to “Bongo Bongo Land is completely beyond me.” Wow, this doesn’t sound like a party full of closet racists – they just sound like racists. But surely women are treated with the same respect as men in UKIP? Lets ask Nigel. Nigel, what do you think of women? – if a woman “has a child and takes two or three years off work, she is worth far less to the employer when she comes back”. Thanks for the support Nigel, I knew we could rely on your party to be non judgemental, rational, fair and in-line with the values of the common man.
So if this is the type of British values which UKIP aim to bring to our education system, then I weep for future generations. I weep for the fact that our children and grandchildren could potentially be exposed to this vile unintelligent poison which can only stew the latent racist, homophobic, sexist shit which Britain has done a grand job of stamping out.

Am I worried about the fact that UKIP have one a seat in parliament? No. Am I worried that UKIP could potentially win more seats in the upcoming elections? Not particularly, because I do not believe people take UKIP all that seriously. Douglas Carswell has secured the seat in parliament for UKIP – he defected from the Tories. UKIP were unable to secure their own MP, and a disenfranchised Tory ended up sailing to the next right wing hell hole as a result of throwing his toys out of his pram. You may think I am being too blasé about the whole thing, but many people who I have spoken too are only voting for UKIP because it is a protest vote. And though protest votes have a huge place in democracy, and they do help define our elections, I do believe that the British public are not naïve enough to think that UKIP will actually bring out true British values and well-being for British people.

Britain is a place of tolerance, free speech, liberty, equality and pride for our neighbours – both domestically and internationally. Yes, I think our welfare system can be too generous and too stringent. Yes, immigration may have driven down wages, but big business has driven down wages excessively. And yes, the bureaucracy within the EU is a formidable force, but the EU also enriches opportunity for the UK. So UKIP talk about how they represent British values, but their view of  Britain is not a Britain which I recognise, and it is not a Britain which I would want to be part of it.