We live in an age where we are able to receive the latest and most important news at our finger tips, with a simple notification or tap of a button on a smartphone. Apps have turned out to be big business for the smartphone industry with new ones coming out every single month. Yet for all that advancement there has not been anything specifically developed to inform and develop the interest or even cater to the student who is involved in politics or has an interest in politics either by studying it or simply a general interest. Apart from your normal news apps and journals there really isn’t much that is easily accessible.

Politics is one of the few things that a number of student don’t seem to be interested in at a general level unless the student is studying it. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t sit down with majority of students and have a political discussion and yet this is the generation of the future. I could be completely wrong and you could have a political conversation with them but it seems you may have drag it out of most students by putting them on the spot as I came to find out. There was a time when you could talk about politics and current affairs with most students even though they did not study the subject they had a general idea and opinion about the matters that affected the nation. That was our parents’ generation. Now it seems majority of conversations centre around reality television and the latest football scores.

Some might read this and say what about the student elections and politics at majority of universities? Yes those do take place but even then, only a handful of students take it very seriously and they will usually have a general interest in public office and services.

Would it not be nice to come from a generation that cared more about the political policies of the nation and agendas of the current political parties than what is the latest fad to come out of reality television? There is so much going on politically not just in England but around the world from the war in Afghanistan to the conflicts in Israel and the unfortunate events that took place in Ferguson, America. Yet I have only found a hand full of young people who are able to hold a conversation and have opinions about these situations whilst some did not even seem to have a clue about what has been going on in even in their own backyard.

The current affairs of the world may not be to everyone’s taste but I believe that the future leaders of this world are attending university right now and having an interest in politics and an opinion will lead to better Politicians and understanding of the political policies that exist not only in the United kingdom but globally. Nothing compares to the informed and educated voters when it comes to the general elections or local elections as they are the people with the power to put people in place whose vision they understand and believe will work rather than those who pick the charismatic politician or those inclined to side with a certain political party as that is the party the family associates itself with.