This week was The Brits. I’m not going to lie, I think The Brits is a load of tosh. However, since it’s fresh on the minds of the public i thought I’d start this week’s Muso blog by mentioning something Brit-orientated.

The first issue I’m going to address is this business with James Corden interrupting Adele’s speech. I don’t think it was very fair to Adele. Would they have cut Sir Paul McCartney off? Or would they have cut Liam Gallagher off in a speech knowing they’d have received a much louder response, particularly if he was cut off so Blur could go on-stage. I don’t think they would have. So why did they absolutely 100% HAVE to cut Adele off? It could’ve been avoided I’m sure. Is this really the attitude the music industry has towards women? Or is it an over-reaction to state that this is an action against all women? I think so. I don’t think there is any great undermining presence here. Adele spoke for too long and had to be taken off. That is the end of it. But it would be interesting to see what the organisers would’ve done had it not been Adele but someone of perhaps a higher standing.

Secondly, everybody loving Blur. I am a big Blur fan myself. As you’ve seen in my last blog I love Damon Albarn. His recent projects with Gorillaz, RJATM etc have been brilliant. He has shown maturity and genius. So why does he have to turn in to the irritating Essex lad from the nineties when he rejoins Blur? I appreciate that he was that way in Blur throughout the Parklife and Girls and Boys era but that era has long passed. He is now a grown up. He is better than that. I wanted to see Blur from 2012 not Blur from the nineties.

Anyway, rant over:

My favourite album of the week is Passive Me, Aggressive You by The Naked and The Famous.

Fans of Fifa 2012 or The Art of Flight (snowboarders) may be familiar with TNATF already. Their debut album is a killer punch and spans across numerous genre’s. They give nods to the likes of Empire To The Sun, Foster The People, PassionPit, and MGMT. They’re going to be on everybody’s festival playlist this year as they have the fun, energy, and accessibility to be enjoyed in a field with a can of cider and muddy like minded people. Filled with big choruses and catchy grooves, The Naked and The Famous are my pick of the week.

Shamelessly plugging Winter Gardens by The Heartbreaks

My friends, NME’s friends, Morrissey’s friends, soon to be your friends. Morcambe lads playing music from the eighties. It isn’t original but they bring a new burst of youthful energy into the dying days of the eighties. Echos of The Smiths and do-wop girl groups inspire this four-piece. Their witty lyrics, catchy pop hooks, and incredibly suave image will carry them far. good luck to them. Their debut album is out in April, check their site for details of an upcoming tour.

Track of the week Doyathing by Gorillaz

This is simply bizarre. I’ve never heard anything as diverse. Featuring guest vocals form Outkast’s Andre 3000, this is, well it is what it is. It’s just craziness wrapped in to three minutes. If you’re a creative mind and find yourself short of inspiration, stick this one and think about nothing for a while. Soon you’ll be approaching the page, instrument, canvas in a completely new way. Just Doyathing.

Something I missed is Flowers in her hair by Scott Mckenzie

This is a massively overlooked track from the sixties. Written by the Mamas and Papas, famed for their hit California Dreamin, the Flowers In Her Hair takes on board the same lazy, sunday afternoon, lets take LSD feel. It’s distinctly california. It is catchy and Scott Mckenzie’s voice, although nothing special, is a pleasure to listen to. Subtlety releasing emotion through his words, “If you’re going to San Fransisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair”, it is a love song of the top draw. Don’t be fooled by Scott Mckenzie’s horrible moustache, this is beautiful music.