You are energy. It is energy that sustains and maintains your entire existence. Many people believe that life is given by our heart, lungs and other organs alone. While our organs and physical body do keep us up and running, it is our energy body that gives life to them. Our energy body sustains our physical body. Energy is the common medium of your mind, emotions, body and soul.

Our souls live eternally and continue to live even after we pass from this world. What makes our soul live eternally? Energy. Our soul is energy, and that energy is the part of us that lives forever. The physical body we are given in each lifetime is simply the shell for our energy body, or soul. Since our true self is our soul, we must take care of its energy.

Put quite simply, post-mortem survival of the human psyche as one of many functions of a multi-dimensional, multi-universal, sub-atomic grid matrix, on which all forms of life exist, and which sustains the etheric (soul), as well as the physical consciousness of all living organisms. In this model, physical materializations of so-called “dead” persons, and even deceased animals, are but the temporary merging of two different frequencies, or wave-lengths, from two discrete levels of the grid, somewhat similar to when more than one radio broadcast is picked up on the same dial setting.

There’s is no personal God. A man with a beard in the sky looking down upon us and judging you. Religion is a load of crock shite, it’s there to control the masses. You shouldn’t worship anyone. Love is the only truth. We are all one. What we perceive as ‘supernatural’ is actually very natural. We are energy that continually transforms and evolves. Birth, death, re-birth. You are not the same person you were as a child. That child you is dead, but in your present state of being you are still you..

And when we ‘die’ it is just a transformation to a higher vibration, higher frequency where the illusion of this frequency is lifted.

What is known as psychic phenomena or Spiritualism should really be a branch of physics that should be called “subatomic phenomena”. People going about haunted houses with ghost busting equipment,this is just a daft as trying to see microbes without using a microscope. It is completely useless trying to contact people in the invisible part of the universe without the use of a go-between, a human medium that is a much more sophisticated “machine” than any human invention. People who do this just don’t have the correct equipment which leaves them open to ridicule.

In future years, it is likely that the present times will be looked back upon as the dawning of a new Renaissance in humankind’s perception of both the physical and non-physical worlds alike.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla